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Fiio X3 (2nd generation): X5's talented younger brother


Pros: High-quality sound & build in a small package. Great one-handed ergonomics. Deep sleep mode.

Cons: No internal storage or hardware EQ.

DISCLAIMER   I was provided the new X3 as a review sample as part of the U.S. tour. There is no financial incentive from Fiio in writing this review.  I am in no way affiliated with Fiio, and this is my honest opinion of the new X3.  I would like to thank Joe & James from Fiio for giving me the opportunity to test drive the new X3.     ABOUT ME   I'm a 43 year old father who loves music. From electronic (Autechre, Boards of Canada) to modern/minimalist composition (John Cage, Philip Glass) to alternative rock (Flaming Lips, Radiohead) to jazz (John Coltrane and Miles Davis) to metal (Behemoth, King Diamond) to classic rock (Eagles, Rush), I...
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Head-Fi.org › nmatheis › Reviews by nmatheis