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Meridian Explorer DAC/Amp Stream of Consciousness Review (WARNING: Not Good)

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by purrin, Feb 25, 2013.
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  1. Maxvla Contributor
    More like everyone. With the reaction I've seen (read: zero negative comments at all) you'd think Meridian came up with the first portable DAC/amp ever.
  2. purrin
    I'll try to measure the output Z directly. Just too lazy to grab resistors, alligator clips, etc. since my house is still a mess from the stuff I brought back from CHANG-Fest.
  3. Girls Generation
    Im sitting here trying to figure out if this is trolling or serious mode.
  4. purrin
    You forgot to consider verbal irony mode.
  5. Girls Generation
    I see what he did there. 
  6. netdog
    Mine arrives today.  If this is true, back it goes.  I have a feeling though that I'll be keeping it...happily.
    Can't help but wonder if our friend Sunshine got himself a dud.
  7. Aerocraft67
    I'm beginning to think these guys are artfully airing out two sides of an inside joke and having a laugh at our expense. 
  8. belisk
    If i was you, i'd be honored to receive anything at all.
    If what you say is true, then the implementation of the PCM5102 is a waste on this product, i can tell you the rPac(DAC only) or the WooAudio WA7 sound amazing with the same DAC the ME uses.
    Time will tell when more users of Head-Fi report in.
  9. Aerocraft67
    Or maybe...some "mystery benefactor" with an axe to grind on Meridian sent the Explorer, certain that purrin would dutifully crap upon it with great flourish. OMG! Conspiracy!
  10. belisk

    or better yet, someone rigged it with the new beats by dre DAC, then sent it to him, clearly it was sabotaged.
  11. Some people see conspiracy everywhere they turn.  Someone PM'ed me with the craziest notion of subliminal messaging in the last two sentences of my last post.  Sometimes the simplest explanation is the correct one.  Especially when dealing with the simple-minded.
  12. Aerocraft67
    Ha! Y'all are just too clever. 
  13. Kirosia
    bro i think purrin stole from me. i reviewd a bic lighter two  weeks ago.  his review is like cut and past of mine. exact. what do you say to that mr purrin?!!!
  14. purrin

    Ah darn. I guess it's not bad for a BIC lighter then.

    On a more serious note. The only reason I even bothered with measurements is because this thing sounded so off, at least with the HE500 and UERM. Measurements are a nice way to confirm subjective impressions. Here are some interesting results:
    Objective2 amp: 1.46 ohms
    UHA-6HS: 0.95 ohms
    Meridian Explorer: 47.95 ohms
    The output impedance was measured with a DMM and a resistor (used both 50 and 100ohm for two sets to confirm), not with lab grade stuff. Nevertheless, the results should be a good indicator of the actual output impedance.
    Yup. 47.95 ohms. I measured it again. I couldn't believe it myself. Well, not really. I expected it given the how the ME fubar'd the UERM's frequency response and turned it into an improperly driven LCD2/3. The ME would not be ideal with the HE500 or UERM. The HE500 having lowish impedance (~35-47 ohms), and the UERM ~16 ohms? with uneven impedance throughout the audio band. Maybe the HD800 would fair better...
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  15. Tyll Hertsens Contributor
    You sure you were measuring the headphone jack?  [​IMG]
    I'll have one soon to confirm, but that's a spectacular error.
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