1. ScarboroughFair

    Comparison: Meridian Explorer vs HRT Microstreamer

    Anyone of you guys have both of these and can give a side by side comparison in terms of SQ? And does the Explorer have an internal amp? Because the HRT has one. And if not, does it need one? And what kind of cans can it power directly? (The Explorer) All of your response will be appreciated...
  2. Crashem

    One USB HUB to Rule Them All

    Since I have been looking at mobile solutions, there seems to be a common problem of how to get your data/music to your fancy new USBs etc..  People especially want to use their fancy new portable USB DACs (Firefly, Meredian Explorer, ALO Island, LH Geek Out, etc.) with their iDevices or Android...
  3. seeteeyou

    $189 ALO Audio The Key USB DAC - 32-Bit / 384KHz with PCM5102A

  4. soulpatrol

    DAC Meridian explorer vs DAC Shiit Modi

    Hi guys, I can't find any comparisons on internet concerning Meridian explorer DAC vs Shiit modi DAC. My headphone is an AKG Q701 and wish to know if modi sounds better. I'm very happy with my setup explorer + magni amp but i'm wandering , just curious.... Thanx for your advices.
  5. fernandodeidre

    Meridian Explorer vs. O2+ODAC COMBO

    Hey Head-Fi people! I'm thinking of getting my first DAC/Amp. I have B&W P7's and I did some research and found out this two. I'm primarily going to use them both on my iMac and MacBook Pro. Which one would you recommend, or if theres any better one, which one? My budget is 300 dollars more or...
  6. LAmitchell


    Okay,   I know these two devices have been out for a while, but that's why I thought it would be worth it to open up a new thread on them.    I found the DRAGONFLY to be amazing in a "hey-check-it-out wow" kind of way.... clear, detailed, fast, etc... but the reason I eventually got an...
  7. Golden Ears

    24/192 and DSD on the go! iPhone 5 (IOS 6) + Onkyo HF player + CCK + Meridian Explorer + powered USB hub + amp.

    OK..  I have the above set up. it should play back dop DSD and 24bit /192kHz PCM  from ALAC.   No sound.   Explorer and iphone 5 are conected to the same USB hub. Eploroer shows power but lights showing digital lock are dark.   Anyone have luck using Iphone 5 with IOS 6 and Onkyo's HF...
  8. Vladimir_F1

    AQ DragonFly vs HRT MS vs Meridian Explorer vs Herus

    Hi guys,   Yesterday i've opened DAC world by trying AQ DragonFly with my Sennheiser IE 800 on mac mini :)   I really loved the sound which comed from dragonfly. So decided to purchase a DAC. i've found many alternatives to AQ DF.  But the problem is i'm a newcomer to all this and not sure...
  9. ohmicide

    Best $300 (or less) USB DAC/AMP combo for music production?

    Does anyone here use a dedicated DAC/AMP combo for production?   I don't do a lot of recording, if any at all, so I'm looking for a good USB DAC/AMP combo to use with my headphones (currently AKG K702s and Beats by Dre Studio, both hopefully to be replaced by AKG K550s which should be...
  10. FriskyMoose

    Focusrite forte or Meridian Explorer

    All,    i have been reading your forums for several years but never had the need to post anything. I have a Philips X1 and want it to pair with a DAC. I also have some Philips soundspere speakers. I basically power these via the headphone out of my new iMac 27" but the audio quality is sub...
  11. crashradtke

    Seeking validation (MBP - Meridian Explorer - Sennheiser HD380)

    Previously I had the good fortune of living very close to a particular audio retailer in St Louis Park, MN... but I have recently moved to the Washington DC area for a new gig at Sirius XM.  I have become interested in Headphone amplification and this site has provided tremendous amounts of data...
  12. purrin

    Meridian Explorer DAC/Amp Stream of Consciousness Review (WARNING: Not Good)

    Looks like Meridian fixed the output Z issue:   Somehow, this little Meridian Explorer (ME) thing-a-ma-jig landed on my desk for an audition. I don't know why people send me crap (stuff), but I guess...
  13. netdog

    Appropriate Cans for a Meridian Explorer?

    I am really tempted to get some cans since I started reading about them on this site.   My problem is that I am the happy owner of a Meridian Explorer, and while it is wonderful as a dedicated DAC, I'd also be running my headphones off of this amp, and I don't know what headphones would or...
  14. azureaura

    iPad 3 with a camera connection kit driving a meridian explorer from a belkin USB hub.

    Would I be able to realise such a setup, as shown on this youtube video? Is the iPad 3 good for audio like the 2? Thanks.  
  15. Oof Oink

    CEntrance DACport or Meridian Explorer?

    Hello. Between the DACport and Explorer, which one is the better performer? And please explain why. Thank you.
  16. DoomForce

    Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus vs Meridian explorer

    Hey guys,   I'm wondering regarding the difference between the CA Dacmagic plus and the Meridian explorer. For someone who is using a low impedance set of phones (Ultrasone Edition 8) and a laptop as a source, would you take the portable, cheaper Meridian Explorer or invest double money on...
  17. ed45

    Audio-dg 15.32 vs Meridian Explorer for desktop system

    I’ve been running in circles trying to select components for my first computer audio system system (dac, speakers and headphones).   My budget is approximately $1K, the system will be running off of a late 2012 iMac, and I’ve already settled on Emotiva Airmotiv 4 speakers.   For the dac/amp...
  18. jude

    NEWS: Meridian Releases The Explorer Pocket-Sized USB DAC

    One of my top choices for 2012's product of the year was AudioQuest's Dragonfly, a tiny 24/96-capable USB DAC that is about the size of a USB thumb drive. Today, Meridian is releasing what will no doubt be viewed as a Dragonfly competitor with their new Meridian Explorer pocket-sized DAC.  ...
  19. schneller

    Meridian Director DAC: Anyone here own one?

    At $600 from a brand like Meridian it would seem to offer great value:   I could consider pairing one with say a NAIM SuperNait2 integrated amp.   Does anyone here own one? Or own other Meridian products?
  20. DoomForce

    Magni and Modi vs...

    Hey peeps,   Has anyone been able to compare the Magni+Modi combination with the Meridian Explorer, in regards to lower-Ohm phones (~30Ohm)? I'm ready to drop some money and I'm finding tough to believe that the tiny Explorer can be as good as the two big bricks that Schiit offers in the...
  21. sling5s


  22. Cauhauna

    Building setup under $1000 HD650 + Meridian Explorer + AMP ?

    Hi,   I have monster turbine pro copper IEM and enjoy them tremendously. Recently, I was told by an audiophile relative that I'm missing out on some sound. I've been using Winamp to play FLAC files. I have switched to J River. Is this the best software for Windows?      PC is...
  23. Meridian Explorer

    Meridian Explorer

    Digital media form an increasingly popular source of entertainment, with superb ease of access. Now there’s no need to compromise quality to achieve that convenience. Explorer is the size of a USB stick, yet embodies the same style and performance as any other Meridian product. SIMPLY LISTEN...