Focusrite forte or Meridian Explorer
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New Head-Fier
Jun 2, 2013
i have been reading your forums for several years but never had the need to post anything. I have a Philips X1 and want it to pair with a DAC. I also have some Philips soundspere speakers. I basically power these via the headphone out of my new iMac 27" but the audio quality is sub par when listening to flac files. 
I have looked around and the best solution I can see would be the Focusrite Forte as I can add my speakers and headphones at the same time. I might also go back into recording at some point and might have use for the audio ins the forte has to offer. 
I was listening to a Meridian Explorer the other day at Richer sounds next to a dragonfly and I was blown away by the sound that came out of the Meridian. 
My question would be would the Forte sound similar in this respect to the Meridian and would that be  good trade-off towards speakers and headphones at the same time?
Has anyone got any experience with either DAC or recommandations to maybe a 3rd option?
many thanks in advance.

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