Appropriate Cans for a Meridian Explorer?
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Sep 28, 2008
I am really tempted to get some cans since I started reading about them on this site.
My problem is that I am the happy owner of a Meridian Explorer, and while it is wonderful as a dedicated DAC, I'd also be running my headphones off of this amp, and I don't know what headphones would or wouldn't work well with this amp that has an output measured at about 50 ohms. (I don't know if I am stating that correctly, but those of you familiar with Purrin's review of the Explorer will know what I am talking about.
Anyway, with these impedance issues, would there be appropriate Sennheisers or Beyerdynamics or Grado or HiFiMan or something else appropriate for this DAC/Amp? I'd like to buy a pair and never replace them, and over-ear makes sense for me as I already have the P5s for when I am out and about.
I'd like them to be comfortable, not induce sweat, and most important of all, sound wonderful and as close to natural music as possible.
I'd also like to keep this purchase under £300 if I can get something that will really sound wonderful at that price.
Sorry to create a new thread, but the buyer's guide and the "which headphones" thread understandably really didn't address this very particular issue.
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WK Chan

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Mar 29, 2013
For portable use, I am quite happy with the Explorer DAC driving a pair of Sennheiser PX200-II (an excellent value at $50 USD).
My primary listening is done with the Explorer DAC driving a pair of Stax Lambda Pro w SMR-1/MK2 (late 80's vintage, still sounds good but not very portable).  The PX200-II certainly is not as transparent as the Lambda Pro but for my preference, the PX200-II delivers enough of the "essence" of the sound to make them enjoyable.  Once properly seated, to my ears, the PX200-II sounds smooth, extended and unlike most lower cost headphone, totally non-fatiguing.

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