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Meridian Explorer² Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by click, Dec 22, 2014.
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  1. netdog

    Thank you
  2. Aradea
    Guys how is the ME2 when paired with IEMs? Any hiss?
  3. salavat

    I have Mac, so I use TIDAL app to listen MQA, for offline records (to listen MQA) I found Jriver, which does light up blue light for MQA playback, but I do not like interface. At all )).
    Any other decent players on Mac with passthrough of MQA decoding?
  4. Buellerich


    I have no idea of MAC since I am on Windows

    But any software being able to playback bitpetfect should do
  5. theveterans
    Meridian contains a ASIO driver if I remember correctly. Just search for a program that you need that has options for ASIO bitperfect playback.
  6. Mojo777
    Okay really like this combo. Great pairing and amazing power reserves. MQA tracks really can breath with the Jot
  7. Mojo777
  8. bcwang

    Depends on the IEM and your personal ear sensitivity. For me it does hiss, but just about everything except some amps like the Pico power or ray samuels tomahawk do not hiss with IEMs with my ears.
  9. all999
    A little hiss with TFZ B2. Not a perfect pairing with Sony MDR-EX1000 and JVC HA-FX850. Amp on ME2 is not iem oriented imo.
  10. WhiteKnite
    Works great with my CIEMs. And these NT6 usually reveal hiss because of their sensitivity despite a pretty high impedance. I can't even use my E07k with them because there is so much hiss. My Me2 has a silent background though. Those people that have hiss, I wonder if it has to do with a noisy USB source?
  11. bcwang

    Nope, different levels of ear sensitivity and IEM sensitivity. I use an Ifi iUSB 3.0 and have plenty of hiss with Shure se535, se846, and I'm sure many other models.
  12. theveterans
    iUSB has nothing to do with the hiss. You can get a higher impedance adapter to lower the sensitivity.
  13. bcwang

    I was responding to the post thinking noisy USB power was causing the hiss for some. I know that to not be the case.
  14. WhiteKnite
    The 846 are no surprise, those hiss with everything. Just double checked. Was using line out to my O2 most of the time which is very quiet. Yep, there is hiss but it is barely noticeable until I get to painful volumes. BTW I wasn't accusing you of having a noisy USB source, just wondering if it was contributing to it. Obviously not if you have an iUSB :)
  15. salavat
    Actually found that current version of Audirvana (2.6) plays local MQA files nicely, with blue led light. Looking forward to release of version 3, which supposed to provide full support of MQA and probably playback of TIDAL master albums (though it can right now, if you save master quality album to your Music).
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