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Meridian Explorer² Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by click, Dec 22, 2014.
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  1. tomsch
    I haven't tried my ME2 with my HD-650s just yet but I suspect that it may not enough drive. When I used my Dragonfly they also did not have enough drive current to provide volume or overall bass support so I don't expect the Meridian to either. The good thing is the low-end iFi iCan micro that I have is a good match for driving the 650s. My current setup is a macbook air -> Tidal -> ME2 -> Focal Alpha50s on my desktop. 
  2. Dadracer
    As the ME2 is taking its power and signal from usb which is well known to contain a lot of noise and other issues then I think (and I can hear) it certainly benefits from something like an iUSB power or iPurifier2 in the line to minimise all that interference. Then you are giving the ME2 the chance to work at its best and do the whole MQA thing better.  
    The more I listen to MQA versions of albums the more I am reminded of a good vinyl system compared to CD! But that's maybe a discussion for a whole different thread.  
  3. peterinvan


    The iPurifer2 and iUsb make a difference to the USB out from my iMac.
  4. mars13
    Looks beautiful
  5. m0rancharles
    Just got mine today and *obligatory statement about how its schiit don't stink* No but seriously, its great listening to tracks I thought I memorized long ago, only to find new pieces using this DAC... streaming. And BIG ups to Jay-Z for the extensive Ornette Coleman (Masters) collection on Tidal!  Certainly doesn't sound bad. As far as needing an amp to go along with it (HD700), it turns up to volume 12 for me, but I'll admit some non-MQA tracks left me wondering if it could use a little more low end, but then again Lemonade (MQA) sounded perfect to me, like thats as much bass as the producers wanted it to have, I certainly wouldn't want anything more at least for the MQAs Ive listened to so far. As far as depth or any other hues that a good amp could add, I don't have enough experience to comment.
  6. m0rancharles
    Question though... noticed that just the blue "MQA Studio" light will come on for some Tidal Masters albums (Lemonade), while the blue, along with the other 2 whites (88K/96K, 176K/192K) will come on for other Masters albums (Soul Brothers). Furthermore, streaming from soundcloud will have all 3 white (I'm assuming from its upsampling), yet non-Masters albums on Tidal have only the one white (44/48K PCM). So what, it can upsample crap audio, but Tidal, the one bringing MQA into the spotlight, made it so the Explorer2 can't upsample? Any idea whats going on here? Never thought a 3 light system could be so complicated...
  7. bcwang

    The explorer 2 lights indicate the sample rate of the incoming data. If you get 2 or 3 white lights it's because you are sending that from your computer. You are letting the computer do the upsampling if your file is 44khz. Regardless of how many lights are on, the explorer will be playing back at 176k or 192k as it internally upsamples everything before playback.

    When in MQA mode though, the lights indicate the original sample rate of the unfolded file. i don't know what is going on inside the dac in mqa mode regarding rendering sample rate as part of the deblur process. That one needs someone from meridian to explain
  8. waveSounds
    ^ Not so.
    The 'master' album sample rates vary which is why some, such as Aretha Franklin's "I Never Loved a Man..." lights up the blue master light, plus the other two lights.
  9. WhiteKnite
    Really impressed with this. Especially at the €120 sale price. The 5 year warranty and 3 months of free Tidal are nice too. Showed up this morning and got a good couple hours of listening in. Very impressive SQ. Loving tidal MQA. Output power is a bit low on the internal amp, but I'll just be using line out to my amps anyway.
  10. salavat
    I just got my ME2 from mail. Really impressed, as well as with MQA quality.
    At 107 pounds price it is no brainer for audio upgrade.
  11. netdog

    But is it a significant upgrade to th Explorer 1 if one doesn't use Tidal/MQA?
  12. Buellerich
    Yes it is a significant upgrade due to the internal DSP routines, which the Explorer 1 does not have.
  13. Buellerich
    Hi Salavat,

    Welcome to the Explorer club. Nice to hear that you are satisfied. With which software are you using the Explorer?
  14. netdog

    Could you explain? What are the DSP routines?
  15. Buellerich
    Hi Netdog

    Yes, the Explorer 2 uses Upsampling plus Apodizing filtering, which is about to prevent preringing.

    I had the feeling of a more open and vivid sound experience.
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