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Meridian Explorer² Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by click, Dec 22, 2014.
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  1. nrbatista
  2. waveSounds
    Uh, sure you posted the right link? [​IMG]
  3. nrbatista

    It was wrong indeed. It's updated now. Thanks for the warning.
  4. Dadracer
    Well I am recovering from 2 shocks in a week. The first was MQA coming to Tidal so suddenly and with only an update to the app...wow. I was not fully prepared as I didn't have any kind of MQA processor despite my Tidal subscription.
    I do have a little ifi Audio stack which I use via laptop or Auralic Aries Mini for Tidal streaming and it is so easy to use that I rarely feel the need to fire up the big system and all the time that takes.
    So after a quick order via Amazon to a UK Meridian dealer and 48 hours later I have my Explorer 2. Second shock (other than the discount and the speed of delivery) was the size. I thought it was a least twice this size from the pictures I'd seen.
    So I am now listening to Tidal Master with 2 white lights and one blue. So far it sounds very good indeed, or maybe just because almost anything by Otis sounds good.
    Next plan once my adapter cable arrives I can use my HD 800s instead of Meze 99s and then I will be able to hear what this MQA is really capable of. I think I will also see if I can get the Explorer to get its signal via my ifi Audio iUSB and iP2 which normally clean up the signal significantly from the usual crud that a USB port produces.
    I got sunshine on a cloudy day..........
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  5. peterinvan
    I use the Meridian Explorer2 in my 2ch speaker rig with very satisfactory results. The Explorer2 provides Meridian apodizing filters and full MQA decoding for very clean SQ, sound stage, imaging, bass etc..

    Win7(Bootcamp) > iPurifier2 > iUSB > Explorer2 > bi-amped EL84 SET tube amps.

    I am enjoying the new Tidal MASTER albums sent directly to the DAC (i.e. passthrough mode).

    Bi-amping my Mission V63 speakers was the most significant improvement this year, as I can now tune the EQ to meet my old/abused ears by adjusting the treble amp volume.
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  6. Dadracer
    Cool. I am just waiting for the 6.3 to 3.5mm adapter to arrive from Amazon so I can fire up my HD800s and try this MQA stuff out properly and compare it to a good DAC with red book to get a feel for the differences. 
  7. all999
    Guys, just got my ME2 and I can't get a blue light.

    This what I get when ME2 is set as an output on Tidal with MQA passtrough and exclusive mode.


    And this I get when I choose system settings tab on Tidal streaming settings. All white, nothing blue here. Tidal Hifi subscription and Master option choose.

  8. nrbatista
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  9. all999
  10. WhiteKnite
    Pretty close to pulling the trigger on one of these, but wonder if the MQA is worth it over the Chord Mojo, or if it would be better to wait for the new mytek device.

    Also, anyone know where I can find one at a good price that ships internationally?
  11. Dadracer
    I got an E2 last week and am currently comparing it to my ifi micro iDSD with and without MQA and hope to have formed an opinion soon. So far I have found the E2 responds well to adding it into an ifi iUSB/iP2 and micro iCAN SE chain so I can power up my HD800s. So if you are thinking to use low sensitivity headphones the E2 might not have enough steam.
    I don't have experience of the Chord DAC. 
  12. WhiteKnite
    Not worried about the power, I could use the line out to one of my amps.
  13. WhiteKnite
    Ended up picking one up.  These are all over the European sites right now for like $100-$150 so there must be some kind of sale going on.  I figure at that price I can't go wrong, got mine for $144 shipped to Korea from Analogue Seduction.  Best part is, that is below the taxable threshold so no customs fees to pay.  
  14. dafos58
    Does anybody know the difference between the Windows driver V1.68.19 and the latest one V3.34.1 (november 2016)?
  15. Mojo777
    Broke down and ordered one from Music Direct which has them on sale today. Looking forward to comparing native MQA on the E2 vs. downsampled on the DragonFly Red
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