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Meridian Explorer² Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by click, Dec 22, 2014.
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  1. Noobzilla
    their firmware blacklisted my ME2 from getting updated
  2. WhiteKnite
    Ah wow, ok. $80 to get a legit version makes sense then.
  3. john777

    Thank you Dadracer. Very useful information. One problem currently is that the iPad app does not support MQA, only the desktop application does so. I would also like to see if my Moon MiND 180 will perform as the streaming source through the E2. My whole system is currently dismantled due to health issues causing a re-think as to what I can actually do audio-wise now. Tidal through the iPad to a headphone amp and 'phones is my limit at the moment. :cool:
  4. Dadracer
    The app for the Auralic Aries family integrates with Tidal and now Tidal Masters also and I think might be one of the first to do so outside of the Tidal desktop app for laptops. So maybe something to consider for the future? I dont know anything about the Moon but good luck.   
  5. TadMorose

    Bluesound BluOS devices such as my Node 2 also support Tidal Masters.

    Sent from my XT1563 using Tapatalk
  6. Noobzilla
    Just received my REGEN. I was going to get Jitterbug but decided to just go big for higher chances of hearing a difference. I'm using Denon MM400 and Meridian Explorer 2 dac. The REGEN definitely gives a very slightly different sound overall -- towards more 'flatter'. With REGEN, bass sounds about the same but some of the highs seem to have disappeared. Some instruments are a bit harder to separate and seem to lose some details, but overall having the REGEN makes listening at higher volumes a bit less fatiguing. I guess it sounds 'cleaner' in a way without those highs. 
    I'll definitely do more testing. I have high hopes for it, but right now I'm slightly leaning towards returning it. Maybe I'll be able to differentiate it more when my TH-X00 arrives next week. 
  7. Loquah
    Hi all, did a quick search here with no luck. Has anyone else had troubles with Windows 10 saying that The Meridian driver is unverified (code 52) and not recognising the device under the playback devices list?
  8. WhiteKnite
    No problem at all for me on 2 systems.
  9. Loquah
    That's what I figured. I have just tried to install it on a brand new Dell laptop and can't get it to take. The install goes fine and then I get told that one of the drivers is unsigned / unverified. If I look at the details it's the driver named meridianusbaudioks_x64.sys that says it has an unknown provider.
    The exact same installation works fine on my Acer / Win 10 laptop, but I've uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times on the Dell (including manually removing the driver files from the System32 directory) and can't get the Dell to work. It's really frustrating!
  10. Loquah
    Quick update: just tried another installation and noticed that, on the non-working Dell, the driver details (via Device Manager) shows only the one Meridian driver file with the unknown provider issue. On my Acer laptop that works perfectly with the Meridian, the driver details lists multiple drivers (about 6 in total). Most of these are Microsoft drivers so I wonder if this is somehow helping the OS to accept the Explorer2.
  11. Emerald Core
    How does E2 compare to the likes of ifi iDSD & Chord Hugo  ?
  12. Dadracer
    I cant speak about the Hugo but I have compared the iDSD to the E2. I use these devices for Tidal streaming and I don't have any HD downloads. The iDSD sounds better then the E2 on Red book/ CD quality music. The E2 pulls ahead slightly on MQA music, but even there it's not a massive difference. 
  13. Mikekee
    That's an interesting rig.  So you run the me2 as your dac into the jot as your headphone amp?  are you feeding powered monitors with it as well?
  14. Dadracer
    I use the ME2 as the dac but have an iCAN SE for amp duties as the ME2 couldn't provide enough power for my HD800s. So it goes Auralic Aries (or Laptop, but the Aries has less noise) to iP2 to iUSB power to ME2 (or iDSD) to iCAN SE to HD800. The Tidal input is controlled via the Auralic DS app (or Tidal desktop app on laptop). I do also have a pair of Wharfedale DS1s which are active mini monitors that I can use instead of the iCAN SE but 99% of the time I am using headphones. 
  15. Mikekee

    Thanks, I was actually referring to the mojo77 rig a couple pages back - my first post here and I gooned it up... I think he's got his me2 running into a jot which is an integrated dac/pre-amp.  I was wondering how that works.
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