Meet the Sennheiser IE 800 S

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  1. Kramer01
  2. vnmslsrbms
    Hm... Not sure how they made it worse than the original? I have the originals still and use them at work. They sound great driven with enough power. The review doesn't say what they used. Driving from a cell phone it's normally pretty lackluster kinda like what was described. Curious though what the new vs old comparisons are. I couldn't really find a difference other than a different finish. In fact I find the original ceramic finish more attractive. Wonder if cable length etc has been resolved. They are cheaper looking than the originals too. What's going on Sennheiser?
  3. crabdog
    I do not agree with the negative points in that review, except for the cable noise which is pretty severe. I'd suggest using a shirt clip if you're walking around with these.

    But the sound is just incredible. I've never heard the original so I don't know how they compare but there are no noticeable peaks that I've come across yet with the 800 S. I would say buyers should be well pleased with what they hear.

    My full review will be coming soon but is still a couple weeks away - have to clear some other content first.
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  4. catroni
    the only thing i dont like in the original ie800 is the sibilance (words with sss). an inprovement here would make them, for me, almost perfect earphones
  5. crabdog
    I haven't heard the original but the 800 S is not sibilant. I just posted my full review here:

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  6. thefitz
    inb4 "aaAAHHH but I like treble aaaaaaahhhh don't change anything aaahahhhhhh"

    I totally agree with this. However, it's quite scarce in my neck of the woods!
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  7. catroni
  8. crabdog
    So I recently got a Sony NW-ZX300 and it pairs incredibly well with the IE 800 S running in balanced. It's an amazing combination and has given me a new appreciation of the IE 800 S.

  9. crabdog
    Best synergy ever!

    IE 800 S ZX300.jpg
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