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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. niron
    P1 + Mojo + Fiio X5 - The first time I truly realized how good the Pinnacle P1 are.
  2. MissChristie
    Can't really find an active thread on the PX, so hope my musing are considered kosher here.

    First thing I noticed was the oodles upon oodles of detail. Not just stuff like violin grain and guitar crunch, but also the things that weren't meant to be recorded. Like people talking in the recording session, or the shift of the pedals on my favorite piano pieces.

    Initially I used the base silicon tips, but it sounded rather anemic. So I popped on some spiral dots and the bass level rose. "Ok" I thought. "Well, these can be my neutralish IEMs for analyzing music, and my Noble Xs can be my veiled but full bodied enjoyment pair". But after reading some impressions other people had, I tried the tri-flange tips.

    Ladies and gents, I think I found my perfect pair. The bass stepped up a notch from the spiral dots and now I find them full bodied but without any bass bleed whatsoever. They still have that wonderful level of detail that wowed me about them in the first place. I am totally satisfied listening to EDM and acoustic pieces.

    For the longest while I was considering perhaps getting a CIEM. Something like maybe a Noble Savannah, or an AAW W500, but it seemed that I would have to choose what genres of music I wanted to sound great, and what genres I wanted to sound just OK. Well, between the sound, the isolation and the comfort of my PX, I don't think I have to invest in a CIEM anymore. This may just be my IEM endgame.
  3. SomeGuyDude
    Try out the Spinfit Blades. They're a dual-flange but the top part angles like the spinfits. They're absolutely perfect for the P1.
  4. manukmanohar
    Can you tell the model name, which you bought cp220, 230, 240 is there. Also which tips worked for you? (I think for me, it would be 12 mm for cp 800/100, not sure about twin blades)
  5. SomeGuyDude
    I use the cp-240M. I usually use the large foams because I like a tight seal.
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  6. HiFiChris Contributor
  7. Odyopile
    Good day guys! Anyone tried to pair pinnacle p1 with sony nw a35 dap?how was it?thanks
  8. gemmoglock
    Hi P1/PX users, care sharing what other IEMs you rotate listening with or what have you upgraded to down the line? Also how have you tamed the treble spike on the P1/PX? I just demoed the P1 and like it except one thing - on stock single flange silicon tips the treble isn't piercing but hot, making violins thin-sounding. Cymbals and stuff still sound awesome though. For example do spinfits or spiral dots help? Not keen on comply as my ear wax wears foam out super fast.

    Just this and the P1/PX is a winner for me :)
  9. Podster
    What is your source? I have never had a treble spike one with either my P1's nor my new PX which IMHO is a steal at $113!! I use my either on mine with my Opus # 1, C3/Toppings NX1s and even my phone and never get treble spike but then again I like treble:rolling_eyes: And for me as well the music lives in the mids, everything else is filler to compliment:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: As in any audio YMMV:wink: I'm guessing you have tried an array of tips?

    MassD Mee PX.JPG

    Another of my favorite sources with P1/PX are Shanlings and M5, M2 & M1:beerchug:

    Sweet setuP1 M5.JPG
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017
  10. Mouseman
    After mine got some 40+ hours on them, the treble was mellowed (although it wasn't that bad in the first place). On top of that, I have the Spiral Dots instead of the stock tip, and the P1s sound magnificent. Like Frank's Red Hot, I put those tips on everything. If you're not happy, that would be the first thing I'd try. I don't use spinfits, I've never cared for how they fit -- even the new "blade" ones.
  11. Odyopile
    Anyone tried pinnacle p1 with sony nw a35 dap?how was it?im planning to get p1..thanks
  12. Podster
    What's crazy for me is on my P1's I use Lg. Auvio's however on the PX the big dual flange that come with them work better than the Auvio's:confused: Same exact shell, both tips are wide bore:rolling_eyes:
  13. duo8
    Should I get this or CA Orion? I can get both for about the same price.
  14. emilsoft
    The CA Orion are better in every way - just makes sure you have low impedance source (close to zero)
  15. duo8
    That's nice to know. Just need to get cables for that CA.
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