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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. Mouseman
    I have the P1 and a Q1, and I can say that it is a really good pairing. It probably can't be beat for the price, and the DAC capability adds to the value. I also have an Xduoo DAC, which is also good, but the Q1 is portable while the Xduoo isn't. Considering the price difference, the Q1 is a great way to push the P1s to where they really shine.
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  2. Jayden16
    In all honesty, just get the P1 first and see what they're like with your HTC 10. That phone already has a well implemented DAC & amp section, so it should drive the IEMs just fine. I'm using the Quad DAC model of the LG G6 and they sound superb with the P1, even when compared to my FiiO X1-ii DAP and Schiit Magni/Modi 2 Uber combo.
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  3. 40.days
    Hey all, I need some assistance.
    tl;dr: are there known issues with the pinnacle P1 cables, and can you recommend an adequate replacement cable for these IEMs?

    I bought the meeaudio P1 less than a year ago. The IEMs came with two cables; an "high-end" one, and a simpler-looking one with a microphone.

    I first used the high-grade cable. After ~3 months, the right side-earbud started to to go on and off, until it stopped playing completely. The problem was with the cable, since when I switched the earbuds it would still be the right side that didn't play.

    I contacted meeaudio, and they offered that I'd send them the cable for and they would provide me another one; I didn't do it since I was too busy at the time with finalizing my research project and writing my thesis and I didn't have the time to handle with it for quite long period. That one is on me, I must admit.

    Instead, I moved to the other cable, with the remote and mic; it was all fun and games until about a month ago, where the left earpiece have started to go on and off, similarly to the previous cable. I've contacted meeaudio about 3 months ago, so I guess that I'm using the current cable for 3 months as well...

    From the reviews on the amazon page of the cables, as well as from a search here in the forum, quite a lot of people have complained about the cables breaking after a short time, but these are anecdotes - are there known issues with the P1 or the P1 cables, and were they addressed by meeaudio?

    In addition, I'd like (and need) to buy a replacement mmcx cable to match with the P1, which are overall great IEMs - which would you recommend? My budget is up to ~30$ (I have a limited budget :) ) but I'm willing to pay up to 50$ or so if there would be a significant improvement in SQ. The headphones are driven by LG V10.

    Thanks in advance!
  4. Kalavere
    I've got to say, I've heard the MMCX can be a bit fragile. I am really delicate with my IEMs, but I always figured if they were intermittent before the warranty has expired I'd get them replaced and if they were intermittent after I'd use a dab of superglue to keep the cables secured!
  5. Blazer39
    i just recently known of the pinnacle P1( through massdrop actually) and im really thinking of getting one for myself.
    i listen mostly to melodic/death metal and sometimes rock..i read some reviews and post saying the P1 isn't suitable for these types of music, as the speed and attack doesn't suit this genre, but then i also saw some post praise how crunchy distorted guitar sound really good with P1

    can anyone give more insight about this?
  6. benchan2
    I just saw on Phileweb that there will be Pinnacle P2, which has plastic housing and is cheaper than P1
  7. niron
  8. WaffleBoy
    You are correct.
    Release date is the end of this month/first week of August.
    Less ohm, better bass etc..
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  9. TheoS53
  10. Duncan Moderator
    I have just picked up a pair of these, and borrowing the cable from the RHA CL1 to go into the RHA L1 DAC (balanced) - sound rather good :)

    Happy days for another decent IEM
  11. PatRamirez
    How does the Midrange of the P1 compare to the Midrange of the Campfire Orion/Nova? I know the price points are vastly different. I'm only using it as a means of reference.
  12. Bleach-Free
    Does anyone else get irritation on their skin from the finish being worn off? I've been dealing with it for a couple months now and it's getting to the point that I just don't want to use them anymore.
    Pinnacle P1.jpg
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2017
  13. SomeGuyDude
    I don't get irritation, no, but the finish on mine is pretty much gone. Sorta disappointing. :p
  14. Meder Bakirov
  15. Odyopile
    Hi guys! I want go ask if pinnacle p1 will have a good synergy with sony nw a35 dap. Thanks!
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