MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

  1. nephren
    I recently purchased P1 from Amazon since i lost the massdrop offer. I also own a Earsonics SM3 and LZ A4, as well as Focal Spirit Pro headphones and a quite decent hifi system. In my opinion, P1s sound the most natural from the IEM bunch.

    They have a sense of timbre accuracy that i think armature based phones fail to deliver. They 're also the most balanced, although not 100% flat. I hear a small dip in the upper mid's that is followed by a small peak in the "lower" part of the high frequency band. This relative trait gives them that additional airy sense of 3D-ness and instrument seperation. My ears are very sensitive to aggresive highs and initially found that peak a offensive, however switching from double cone tips to comply foam ones solved this issue.

    Switching back to LZ A4 (which was my main IEM for 4 months prior to P1s), i found their overly dynamic sound almost rude. They do a great job into creating a deceivingly realistic wall of sound aided by their subbass boost, making them the better choice for busy environments where IEMs can sound a bit underwhelming. However the P1 is better overall. Some say that they lack subbass but i found them perfectly true to the source.

    Overall, the best word i conclude to describe P1s is "honesty". They build on the fundamental IEM strengths, providing clarity and 3D like sound, without trying too hard to present a greater, fuller sound above the abilities of a typical IEM. Some head-fiers may prefer a more superlative way of presentation in which case there are plenty of better headphones even in lower prices. For someone that likes a natural presentation and focuses on the flow music i believe that P1s are one of the best choices in the market, regardless of price.
  2. Furholden
    My P1s sound AMAZING after 300 hours of continuous pink noise and frankly i feel the soundstage and detail retrieval beats IEMs way above its price.

    My DAP is DP-X1A and I'm thinking if i should get a Fiio Q1 MKII to hear my P1 in its full blossom!
  3. Orac
    PX is back on MD

    Does the cable down orientation really work for most people? I worry that it might be awkward and uncomfortable fit.
  4. Furholden
    Is PX really the same as P1?

    Has anyone noticed any difference in signature? I'm referring to just the drivers.
  5. pranavtripathi
    According to Massdrop the sound will remain the same. They have changed or you could say made the cable better. And there is a scratch resistant coating. I ordered PX on the first day and it was shipped on 9th Nov. But since I live outside USA I'll have to wait for a few days to receive the Pinnacle PX.
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  6. rawrster
    I was thinking about getting the px but grabbed a used p1 at a cheaper price. I owned them a year ago so excited to get them back. I'll use them primarily with the UE bluetooth cable I bought a few weeks ago.
  7. Furholden
    Thanks for the clarification friend.
  8. Vas19
    These are a really good value play, especially the PX. They wont quite match the TOTL stuff, but for the money you get pretty close. These do like power though, I'd probably look elsewhere if I was going for something to use without an amp.
  9. SomeGuyDude
    Power issues are a problem. Using the LG v30 with the P1 is an exercise in disappointment.
  10. Furholden
    Would something like the CA Polaris be TOTL compared to this?
  11. SomeGuyDude
    Without having heard the Polaris, I would say almost certainly yes. CA is a top notch company, the P1 fires upward nicely but it's not going to be topping products that retail at 3x what it does.
  12. Vas19
    I have not heard Polaris but Andromeda is definitely a step up. But then again they are almost 10x the cost.
  13. Furholden
    Alright guys thanks for the response. I asked mainly because I'm going to a shop to audition one of CA's IEMs. I will give my impressions here in time.
  14. mikem1062
    Could use some input on a purchase decision. Considering the Fiio F9, Fiio F9 Pro, and MEE Audio Pinnacle P1. Pricing in the UK puts these all within about £30 of each other. Will largely be using a Cayin N3 as a source, and listening to hard rock, pop, vocals, and some strings/classical. Should I save the money and go for the F9? Would the P1 for £30 more provide noticeable improvements? Has anyone compared the P1 vs F9 Pro?

    Thanks in advance for any input on this. . .
  15. Orac
    I can't speak about the relative merits of each, but I will suggest ignore the P1 and put the PX in its' place on your shortlist. PX is Massdrop exclusive, but it's apparently the same as P1 aside from an upgraded cable, PVD coat and is $113 + nominal amount for shipping.
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