Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements
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Okay, so I had been desirous of modifying my 58X headphones for awhile to make them look closer to the prototype that was reviewed by Jude (Head-Fi), Steve Guttenberg (CNET), DIY-Audio-Heaven, et. al.

I reached out to Head-Fi forum member DivineCurrent who had inspired me to take the next leap after reading his post from last year. He gave me a few pointers, which I'm grateful for.

In order to try and match the foam Sennheiser uses behind the cup, and so as not to ruin the foam that came with the headphones, I purchased these:

I cut them at around 45 mm or 1.8 inches (roughly) in diameter. Initially, I tried to 'poke' or gently slide the foam discs I had created into the little crevices around the rear of the driver. Without any luck doing that it occurred to me that I had seen a video a long time ago from Tyll at Inner Fidelity where he demonstrated disassembly of the 580/600/650.

Dissasembly, Spring Repair, and Reassembly of the Sennheiser HD 580, HD 600, and HD650

Using that as my guide, I was able to pop out the 'sucker end' of the "lollipop" as Tyll refers to it and slide the foam discs into place and gently snapping the "lollipop" back into place. On the left side, I pulled it out to far and had to use tweezers to get the coiled wires back into place... that was a little stress inducing. But on the right cup, I was much more gentle and did not have that issue.

Here are pictures of the finished product.

Now...the important question is... "does it sound any different to me?" No, still the same 'neutralish' 58X sound as before. No variations at all. But I didn't want to change the sound anyway.

Does it look cooler? Oh hell yea.


Thanks DivineCurrent and Tyll Herstens, wherever you are in your camper van.
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It's been one of those weeks - I may as well post a mini review while it's still fresh on my mind.

The 58X I ordered are en route back to Massdrop. My primary reason to get the 58X were as a comfort improvement over the 599. While that is somewhat true, and while I did actually like the strong clamp force for the first hour or so, eventually I just needed a break before going back to wearing it. Ultimately, I decided to double down on my existing gear (6XX/800S) and got a new cable for the 6XX, and a HDV 820 second-hand for the 800S. Something had to give.

Out of the 4 Sennheiser cans I had (800S/6xx/599/58x), these had the best "sub-bass" or "bass extension" or what you may call it...but everything else just wasn't cutting it for me. Out of the 4, The 58X is easily the most intimate headphone of the lot. If I were to compare the intimacy 58X to the 6XX (because I feel they are both somewhat intimate in soundstage, the 58X moreso) using nonsensical metaphors, the feeling I get from 6XX is like being in a library with mahogany bookshelves, first edition Mark Twains on the shelf, with a hand-built stone fireplace and a velvet chaise lounge...where the 58X feels more like a library built out of IKEA furniture. I'm in the same room, but something is just not there. FWIW - I did try the 58X without the foam behind the driver/in the earcup - I liked it, but I have to agree with Kammerat Rebekka's point on the previous page - the foam removed makes me feel like I got the wrong can.

I got the 58X for my workstation, which I don't have a dedicated amp/dac for, only the Apple USB-C dongle. It sounded OK at best. The only time I really got to enjoy the 58X was when it was over at my main desk, alongside the 6XX and the 800S. Plugged into the Schiit Valhalla 2/Bifrost 2, the 58X sounded great. But the 6XX and 800S did more for me. It's difficult to justify having both a 6XX and 58X on my desk. While I did return the 58X, I don't feel it was for nothing. Based on my experience, I probably won't like the 660S, and maybe not like the 600's (but I am more inclined to try these out based on hearing about how well they do with tube amps).

Final Thoughts:

  • I can see why the 58X is so popular, but just not for me already having the 6XX and a pretty decent Schiit stack.
  • If you're deciding between 58X and 6XX, go with 6XX, if only because it has scaled with my equipment so well from my experience. I have yet to run the 6XX balanced with my new HDV 820, but I imagine it will do well. The 6XX is a keeper.
  • I have an unexplainable attachment the 598/599 - so much so I chose them over the 58X, despite the 599 not really working with my Valhalla 2, unlike the 58X. I am guessing I'm in the minority here. Kind of like how people remember their first love, with rose colored glasses? :)

It's worth mentioning that as of right now the 58X is $129 on Massdrop (oh, wait, it's called DROP now lol), presumably for Black Friday. Terrific price. I'm imagining a version of myself where the 58X existed in 2015 when I got my 598's and first Schiit stack I would have that unexplainable attachment to the 58X instead of 598's. In 2021, the 58X wasn't for me, but I also recommend it when not in contention with the 6XX, especially for $129.
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In addition to Drop’s 58X at $129, the 6XX is on sale for $179.
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I recently got the 58x and was enjoying them on the Schiit Fulla, but decided to try the ifi Zen DAC v2 and was disappointed in the way they sound on the ifi. Has anyone else tried the 58x on the Zen DAC v2?

To me my Phillips X2HR sound great on the Zen DAC v2, but not the 58x, except while gaming.

What's a good amp/DAC combo for the 58x?

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