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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. jaco61
    After some weeks of try and error with the mod at the back of the driver I am quite sure I found my sweet spot. In europe I could not find this green felt solderdude was using in his mod. So I tried and tested a lot of compareable felts with not convincing results. The hole reacts VERY sensitive.. minimal density differences of the felt causes too much loose of bass or simply close to non effect at all.

    A peace of chair felt pad protector at the back of the driver with a punched out hole with 4,5 mm inside diameter seems perfect.
    Sublime side effect is a dampening of the driver ... kind of lawton mod lol.

    A pity I have no measuring station now to see the FQ
    The pic is with a 3,5 mm hole version which makes the 58X to a pretty neutral one. A version with a 4,5 mm middle hole delivers still nice subbass just without any whooliness now ....wonderful.

    Last edited: Nov 29, 2018
  2. yangian
    Someone claimed 58X is not picky on gears. I humbly disagree with them. I compared with Pioneer XDP-30R through 2.5mm balanced mode and my desktop setup - Zdac V2 with DIY OTL amplifier. Desktop setup hugely expands the soundstage! 58X has a comparable souundstage with 600.
  3. tolis626
    Quick dumb question. Are the plugs on the 58x cups reversible? I mean, can I connect the wire for the left channel to the right cup and vice versa? I want to test whether a channel imbalance I'm getting is coming from the Q1 or if it's my ears. Going to get an audiogram soon, but until then, I want to test this but not through software, because it'll obviously not work for my purpose. Thanks!
  4. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I would suggest trying the HD58X plugged into something, besides the Q1.
    Before considering on switching the right and left connections,
    but I would assume Sennheiser designed the plug in jacks as to cause damage, if accidentally plug into wrong right or left channel (hopefully).
  5. SilverEars
    There's different thickness with the two leads so that the L or R must face outwards.

    Why not just flip the headphone?
  6. tolis626
    Well, my other devices are my phone and my PC, both of which suck big time, so yeah. I don't think there's an issue with connecting them backwards, I mean, the driver capsules are identical. Still, would be nice to know for sure.
    Yeah, I don't want to connect each lead reversed. I just want to connect the right channel to the left cup and the left channel to the right cup. Flipping the headphones doesn't work because I can't get them to seal properly on my head for some reason. Either the headband falls too far back, or the pads are weirdly rotated and don't fit. Oh well.

    EDIT : Works fine, as expected. Which isn't surprising, because you can disassemble the headphones, put the capsules back the wrong way and connect them just fine. As long as the pins are oriented correctly, it's good. Well, other than that, I got bad news for me, my right ear seems to be hearing a bit less than my left, so yeah...
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2018
  7. DavidA
    @tolis626, bummer about your hearing, hope a good cleaning at the doc will help.
    tolis626 likes this.
  8. tolis626
    Thanks man, hope I get it sorted out too. Although I doubt it's cleaning it needs, as the issue is persisting since the summer and I went for a cleaning and it was clean already. An ORL doctor that heard what my symptoms were said it's probably acoustic trauma. Which would be a valid diagnosis if it was sudden, was associated with a loud event, had worsened my tinnitus on one side, or if it happened to both ears. Acoustic trauma doesn't usually occur on one side and so gradually that you can't pinpoint what caused it. Plus, I feel my offending ear (the right one) kind of... Full. Like, the feeling you get when you go swimming and there's water in your ear? Just a bit toned down. So my hope is that it's maybe something with my eustachian tube rather than the hearing itself. But seeing as ORL isn't my strongest subject, even though I'm a physician myself, I got to go to a doctor. :p
  9. Mr Trev
    Hey, could you provide some specifics on the felt you used <size, etc> and what you used to punch holes in the felt?
    I was hoping to pass the info along to Solderdude so he can do some measurements.
    jaco61 likes this.
  10. jaco61
    Thanks a lot for passing on this mod variation to solderdude! I Hope he finds time and motivation for some messurements.
    I was using a tool like this to punch holes exactly with 3,5, 4 and 4,5 mm

    I used these felt gliders:
    Sure there are a lot of types around, but they do not differ much. Optimum is to use these with the exact diameter of the drivers magnet (20mm) ...allmost all I found had a thickness of 2 mm

    Last version here is with 4,5 mm. Revealing would be mesurements with 3,5, 4 and 4,5 mm ...just about neutral - medium - bass :wink:
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2018
    ArgBoston likes this.
  11. PMAismycity
    Can anyone who owns or has tried Audio Technica R70x compare them to the HD58x pls. Thanks :o2smile:
  12. Mr Trev
    Thanks, I'll pass the info along. I have almost the exact same punch and will proably grab some of those felt pads the next time I'm down at the hardware store. I've been meaning to try out a mod like this myself for a while. I'm currently just doing the felt mod using a generic piece of 1mm felt and it has been working out decently for me. Using a hole punch to further tune the sound has been something I've been pondering for a while - although I was thinking about just using a paper label rather than the felt you used.
  13. yangian
    My impression on 58x:
    Technically, 58x is better than AKG K240DF and KEF M500, but I like both of them more than 58x.
    Technically, 58x is inferior to 600 and I like 600 more than 58x.
  14. Whayle
    So I just got the HD58X. It's very weird to listen to it after previously owning a K701 which had a very weak bass.
    I think the sound is technically better than the K701 which was really bright. I can picture more details. Obviously the K701 has a much wider soundstage.
    I have one issue though. I think the bass a little tad too overwhelming for my taste, and the highs are much less powerful than the K701, so when it comes to noisier tracks I do have a preference for the K701.

    I don't know if I should sell them both and try something more adequate to my taste.
  15. yangian
    I don't have K701. But I believe I can have a sense of the sound signature of 701 based on my K240DF. I recommend HD600. 600 is much neutral than 58X. I also feel the bass of 58X is a little bit too bloated. It's a gospel of basshead. That explains why some people like 58X much.
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