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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I've heard the HD58X drivers are slightly smaller then the ones used in the HD600 (& HD650/HD6XX/HD660?).
  2. viggen
    I received this last week. Plugged it into a Fisher KX-100. Best sound out of a headphone set up I've heard. Words will fail to describe how good this combo sounds. Source is Metrum Amethyst. Music is mostly YT and Soundcloud.

    Took the headphone to work. Hooked it up to Lenovo P1. Sounds great. Fails to compare to when plugged into Fisher, but sound is very enjoyable nevertheless.

    Then, hooked it up to Audio Engine D3. Sounded like transistor crap.

    Then, used Audio Engine as source and Greatech muVac as amp. Still sounded like crap just less transitory.

    Then, connected muVac directly to Lenovo, sounds slightly better than connecting hp directly to Lenovo.

    This is the second full size headphone I am happy with. After trying about 15 hps, Audeze LCD2 was the only listenable one but sold it because it's too heavy. So, I am glad to find something comparable at a fraction of the price and fits very comfortably on my head.
  3. billbishere
    Need to get ya a better source, it may even help with the Audio Engine stuff. Maybe. That is probably a long shot... haha
  4. forestitalia
    Coming from the K701 the bass is night and day, you may need some time to adjust yourself.
    Bass in 58X is not correct but very much more enjoyable with lot kind of music, good impact, sharp, never bloated if you have a good source.
  5. TheRH
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2018
  6. mushin1989
    Just wanted to chime in and say that the Jubilees are the best $150 I feel like I've spent in headphones. I paired them with the Topping NX4 and XDuoo XD-05 at varying points and enjoyed them immeansely with their respective bass boosts.
  7. Luigi Milazzo
    While i liked the jubilee a lot, yesterday in a audio equipment shop i tried my possible end game. My philosophy is to not spend more than 200 euro on a can and selling every model 30% less every 2 months i tried 80 models. I remember every hp i had with joy, and listening every musical genre and i have a precise idea of every signature. My favourite closed is the srh940, but the plastic is too cheap and it crack like no other, so now i have a Mdr-1am2 for portable use, a hoh-mt8 for monitoring purpose (i am going to sell it cause the vocal reproduction is too dry, so i have to compare mt5 and m40x) a Pinnacle P1 with the glorious es100 for my daily soft running and a Ksc75 X for calls and portable ambient aware listening on the go. Every can i enjoy more is mildly bright with a neutral to slightly wam midrange, a neutral midbass and a smooth mids to highs teansition. So i hate peaks from 5 k to 8,5k, i like audible 9-15k region and i'd love some not intruding sub bass. I prefer imaging to soundstage. And the perfect open can for me is... dt1990. Wow. There was a hd800, too demanding in terms of power, k812 too expensive but great, and audio technica open stuff, a little bit sterile. Ah the shure's old sqweekin expensive but good sounding headphones. Build quality is a must for me soooo.... no, thank you. So i loved the top of the dt a lot, until i turned the box to read the price: aaaaargh. I know it's a bargain for that sq, but it's too much for me. I was returning at home but the clerks invited me to try the 880, which I always imagined like a mid recessed headphone like the other two dt. I was wrong. When the voice is prominent, also some guitars and piano become shouty in most cases. But the dt880 portrays the human voice in a pleasant, clear, "in the scene" way. The highs are present an wonderfully articulate. The bass is tactile and perfectly balanced. And there is a total ansence of reverberation of any frequency. These cans are fast as hell! Agile but not in a thin way. It's like an athlete: muscles and agility. I payed 200, but with a smile on my face. Yes T1, 1990, t90 are slightly better (not 2 or 3 time better, maybe 25%), but i will forget the difference cause it's better not to try a ferrari more that once in the life, or you will not enjoy your mercedes anymore. I sold the hd58x, it's intended for bass and relaxing sound lovers. I want more tonal precision, and for two months mi search is over.
  8. billbishere

    I think we are going to need a TL;DR for this crap! lol
  9. Luigi Milazzo
    Or maybe admit an attention disorder. Double lol
  10. billbishere
    I won't deny my lack of attention but, when i look and see basically one huge run on paragraph my brain checks out. :)
    TheRH likes this.
  11. forestitalia
    I don't. Try 80 cans has little to do with listening music. But good for the business
  12. TheRH
    Is the the Schiit Magni 3/Modi 2 a good combination for the 58x? I am pretty sure I am going to get these headphones, I just want make sure I have enough power to drive them.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2018
  13. Guidostrunk
    Plenty of power with power to spare. I use a MCTH, and float around the 10 o'clock mark on the volume knob, and after 10 it's ridiculously loud. The Magni 3 puts out more power than the MCTH at 150ohms.
    TheRH likes this.
  14. Magicman74
    Yes the DT880 is the best money can buy, I've always said it. It's almost a perfect set. I agree on the 25% as well. I have the 650 and I bought the 58x and the 880 sounds better then both. I love My Senns but if the house was on fire the 880 would be the one I'd grab.... :)
  15. TheRH
    That is excellent to hear.
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