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Machina Dynamica

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by bob, May 11, 2010.
  1. nick_charles Contributor


    Strange, but none of the reviews I have seen were by Quantum physicists. they all seem to be sighted reviews by audio hacks such as 6Moons, Sterophile, and Positive-Feedback, nor afaik have there been any serious attempts at controlled DBTs on these products.
  2. Head Injury
    OMG I just read the explanation of the Clever Little Clock. I now see why these guys are authorities on the matter. They all have a BA in BS.
  3. udauda
    I can assure you this: U may already know drinking your own piss is good for you, but did you know drinking piss also increases your hearing ability? The quamtum material generated from your digestive system(whatever you eat, you poop the same $hit- isn't that quamtum physics or what?) boosts your hearing level to that of dolphins. Hey, that's exactly what us audiophiles needed- and its effectiveness has been proven by thousands of years of practice from different cultures!
    Even the bible tells it's for real:
    Drink up, champ!
  4. Draca
    I have not laughed so hard in ages!
  5. Draca

    I think I just pissed my pants.
  6. Head Injury

    Drink up, champ!
  7. Pageygeeza
    Surely that CD thing can't be for real?
    I still remember freezing a CD to make it sound better (now this was a LONG time ago.)  I honestly thought I heard a difference.  HAH!
    Then I spent a few months reading CD tech and realised there is no way to improve digital data, it is what it is.  To alter digital data is to fundamentally change what the data was.
  8. Audio-Phile
    Somehow just stumbled upon Machina Dynamica's website, specifically the rocks.  I almost died.  Right away I knew there had to be a thread on here. Sure enough...[​IMG]  I feel stupid...I should have started a business like this years ago, I'd be rich.
  9. chewy4
    Wow, this is the first time I've seen this....
    I'm guessing that this site began as satire, but then people started actually buying their stuff for some reason. I can't believe some people actually buy into this stuff.
  10. penmarker
    This thread gave me bipolar disorder.
    I weep, then I laugh, then I weep, then I laugh, then I weep, then I laugh, then I weep, then I laugh, then I weep.
  11. leogodoy
    Were 6moons onboard with the joke when they published it? Or was it like an April 1st joke?
  12. Speedskater
    While '6moons' is more into industrial art & design it's one of many real products of this type. "Acoustic Review" is more into this type of product.
    As May & Peter Belt sometimes write, these products affect the listner not the audio, sort of like astrology, faith healing,  magnetic therapy & homeopathy.

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