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Machina Dynamica

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by bob, May 11, 2010.
  1. Bob
    Today I was perusing Audiogon and came across the Machina Dynamica ad for the "Teleportation Tweak".  The ad was a great read and did make me chuckle.  After I finished laughing, I started to wonder who actually ran Machina Dynamica.  Does anyone out there have any real info on this company?  Wouldn't it be great if the owners of this company were actual engineers/scientists who had a very pragmatic view about audio, and the whole reason for the company was so that they could conduct one big experiment, "How absurd could we make a product and still get audiophiles to purchase it?"  
    While Machina Dynamica probably does more harm than good for the audio community, I do hope that the absurdity of these products gets people to start questioning their  other audio "tweaks" and whether or not they truly make a difference.   For this reason, I am very glad that the "Sound Science" forum exists.  Hopefully, after reading some of the posts on this forum, people will start looking for objective data as well as subjective data before making their next purchase.
  2. terriblepaulz
  3. Head Injury

    That raises an interesting question. It's only good for so many uses, right? So what if you used it 100 times and sold it, claiming it as brand new. Would the purchaser still hear a difference?
    Anyone got $400 so we can try it? [​IMG]
    Coming in 2011: The Intelligent Tent. Pitch it in the woods on a full moon night and be amazed at the improved clarity of your iPod!
    From your second link: 
  4. xnor
    Hahahah, nice one. 
  5. 883dave
    Also amazing is the number of Naive audiophiles who give free advertising and attention to these products via audiophile forums
  6. terriblepaulz

     This is why I am still unsure about whether this was serious.

  7. Bob


    I wouldn't call the posts in this thread advertising.  I doubt this thread will generate many sales for Machina Dynamica =)
  8. Head Injury

    You kidding? I've already ordered three Tru Tone Duplex Covers, two Mini Brilliant Pebbles, and two packages of Frog Jump in Water Sound so I can experiment with room placement. I might get another order of pebbles so I can put them in the Frog bowls. Should help cut down on unnecessary reflections caused by the water.
  9. tvrboy
    This is my favorite company ever ... i almost pissed my pants laughing when i saw the linked reviews!
  10. TheSatelliteGuy
    I can assure you that his products work. They do not change the equipment abilities but they alter how and what you hear. The clock was invented by Peter Belt in England 25 years ago. Quantum Physics of sound is what is improving. I have been using products like these for years but I do not talk about them on head-fi because of the skeptics and the way they slam people around. Here is one example. I just bought a pair of Darth Beyers on Head-Fi. I tried them when they were delievered and found they sounded pretty bad. I did a tweak of the Quamtom Physics and they were very impressive. What you do not know is that every material around the headphones can alter sound. Any audiophile who has a class A listening room knows that Glass, wood, plastic, rubber, fabraics and plants will alter sound and degrate what you are listening. So class A listening rooms are very open and are empty. The products that Peter Belt discovered mask the vibrations these products put out and allow the ear to relax and hear better. I will not try to win you over. I could care less if you find this out. If you Google PWB Audio and study this very old site you will learn how to take average sound equiptment and make it sound like the best equiptment. I took me several years to try most of these tweaks but I know the truth. The truth is most equiptment is over engineered and not worth what they are charging. That includes Headphones, CD players, Speakers, Amps etc.Cables are a very special item. If you put a micron this coating of their cream on any cable there will be a noticeable sound difference.  Just order their free sample and try it and you will start on a beautiful journey of sound advancements that you cannot achieve by spending $100,000 on new grip. I will only point you in the direction, I will not teach you. TheSatelliteGuy. BTW the little clock works very well but your awareness is your boundry and if you boundries keep you from hearing the change you need to relax and listen to the relationship of the sounds not just highs and lows. Every thing on this site make sound appear more live. Send May Belt a email and tell her you are from Head-Fi and Gary Jacobs sent you and she will treat you very well with free samples. Many manufactures of High End equiptment use their products but would not tell a sole. Best Regards   Remember many people laugh at God but those who know him just smile at the laughing fools
  11. Head Injury

    God made me this wicked cool paperclip once. It improves sound by reducing vibration and keeping all the sound waves clipped nice and tight together. I'll sell it to you for $150.
  12. khaos974

    I know what you feel. Since early spring, I created a brain enhancing diploid lamp, it allows the brain to react more intuitively to music ans thus enjoy it more deeply when the lamp is switched on. It's actually based on the Bose-Egan principle of hyper symmetry, as soon as I have time to set up a small business for this, I'll tell you. It's been the greatest improvement in musical experience,greater than ibuds to Stax Omega actually. I'd estimate the 3000$ MSRP because of the research investments and the premium audiophile components used in it.
  13. udauda
  14. TheSatelliteGuy
    So tell me who has reviewed your paper clip. There are hundreds of reviews on these products from the highest authorities. BWT I can see by the extensive amount of equipment you have you are quite a authority. Why don't you send for a free sample. Until you check it out, kindly watch your crappy posts.
  15. Head Injury

    So tell me which blind test supports the use of a water bowl as an effective means of increasing "air" and "palpability". "Highest authorities" is a joke when they're all getting paid to be one.

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