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  1. meringo
    I have both at the moment! I got the A5 as my "daily driver" and the IT01 as a gym headphone to use with a Bluetooth lanyard only a couple of weeks later. Funny enough, I have yet to use the IT01 without it's stock cable... The single dynamic sounds great. The A5 adds treble brightness and sounds wider overall, but I don't find it to be nearly $200 better. A part of me wants to throw the A5 onto the sale forum for $230 and wait for the IT04.
  2. meringo
    Medium Spiral Dot Twin Blades. Perfect for me.
  3. Zerousen
    This doesn't quite answer your question, but I owned a pair of Fiio F9 Pros for about a week, can't remember what they sounded like but I have to say that I like the A5's a lot more than I ever liked the F9 Pros.
  4. lim2
    Hello do you guys know where I can purchase the rubber filter ring for My LZ-A5 or what the size of the ring? Thank in advance
  5. expatriot
    so I guess the bottom line for me is, if I had no problem with the F9 treble, will I be ok with the A5? I mean like, the treble on the F9 to my ears was excellent.
  6. meringo
    I've decided just sell the A-5 off and just roll with the iBasso IT01. $230 shipped on the sale forums, if anyone is interested.
  7. Mdclol
    Great decision, the IT04 is also around the corner. Could you please compare the mids and highs of the A5 grey filter vs IT01?

  8. meringo
    I'll do a direct A/B for you when I get home. I've been using the grey filters almost exclusively the past few days -- certainly became my favorite for the A-5. The iBasso was definitely a bit more laidback, especially when it comes to treble response. Both have excellent sub extension. I'll post a better comparison tonight.

    A/B test complete. The A5 definitely extend a bit more in both directions. I feel mids are very similar between the two, maybe not having a ton of weight, but still semi-forward and airy. They are both very good IEMs :-D
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  9. PacoBdn
    Well I'm thinking just the opposite ...:dizzy_face:
    For me, both in sound and in comfort, the A5 are well above the IT01
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  10. meringo
    no bites yet, so maybe I'll end up keeping them! It's not that I find the IT01 to be better, I'm just "happy enough" with them until I find something I don't want to stop listening to.
  11. originalsnuffy
    The treble question remains on my mind. I keep wondering what I am missing in terms of a problem.

    Currawong in his review for the upcoming HiBy DAP referred to an issue where the impedance of some DAP units can cause increased treble. Now I am not an expert on such things, but can that be an explanation as to what is going on here? That the A5 is not particularly suitable for certain DAP units?

    They sound pretty darn good to me on the Cayin N5II, so I at a loss to explain why some people with known good ears are not entirely thrilled.
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  12. SteveKiwi
    At the end of the day the only opinion that matters is your own.
    If you like the sound if the A5's with your own setup, then it's perfect isn't it ?
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  13. crabdog
    I'm not hearing any of the problems other people have stated with the treble and I have tested with several sources. While I'm not totally sold on the sound it has nothing to do with harshness or tonality. I'll talk about it more in depth in my full review but that is still a couple of weeks away.
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  14. Ivan TT
    That's my thinking too.

    I only experience harsh treble when using Mojo, and even then it's 7-8kOhm range that is a nuisance: for example, hi-hats and "laser" (actually UltraHarmoniser) effects in "Another one bites the dust" by Queen.

    On the other hand when using (heavily modded) Zishan Z3 or F.Audio FA1 harshness is next to non-existent, even on such treble-heavy recordings as those by Roxette or INXS, yes A5's are bright, but not uncomfortably so, even with generally brighter aftermarket mixed copper/silver plated cable, which also looks and feels and sounds sooooooo HiFi! :L3000:


    I cannot help noticing that Mojo's impedance is near 0, FA1 - 22Ohm and Z3 - 100Ohm, mojo being the brightest of the 3, while Z3 - darkest, while sound is most balanced on FA1 (grey filters, no foam dampeners).

    I'll try to A/B same tracks on different sources using my A/B switcher soon, don't have time to spare ATM.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  15. PacoBdn
    I'm not having problems with trebles either.
    I use several sources: Mojo, Matrix M-Stage 3B, iPad, Shanling M3s and OnePlus 3T.
    I already mentioned that I changed the cable to Ibasso IT01, but for convenience. If it is true that after a couple of weeks with the gray filter, this week I changed it to the Red one and I think it is something softer and I like it.
    I have to say that I listen to many female voices that should be the most delicate with the highs and I repeat, without problems.
    I think that people who have problems with the highs should experiment a bit with different tips.
    I have little experience with IEMS, but rather with top headphones, and in my opinion the A5 without being perfect, are very good. And comfort is excellent.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
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