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  1. Bubblejuice
    Would anyone be able to compare the LZ-A5 to the Campfire Andromeda?

    I'll post my short impression/comparison below, but I want to know if others with more time with each IEM have had a similar experience, or if I'm totally off.

    I heard the Andromeda in a meet recently, and they were impressive (much smaller and more comfortable than I imagined). But I didn't have very long with them. I felt as if though they were a step up from the A5, though they were only a step above.
    The loud environment, lack of proper fitting tips (too big), and short listening time definitely didn't allow me to get a proper impression, but it almost feels like both are equally capable IEMs. The biggest difference to me is that the A5 throws everything it can do at you all the time, and the Andromeda takes it's time displaying what it can do, only showing what's necessary.

    I found the sound-stage of the Andromeda not noticeably bigger than the A5, if anything, slightly smaller. The highs were very slightly more detailed and smooth (I use the black filter w/ stock tips on the A5), but I don't feel like the A5 is hiding anything that the Andromeda were showing. The bass on the A5 is definitely more impactful, but when testing the Andromeda with a bass heavy song like "Afterglow by Phaeleh", the lows were similar, if not a little bigger on Andromeda. Though the lows on the A5 do sound a little more natural (not really that noticeable to me). The mids are good on both, but more forward on the Andromeda, and also more clear than the A5 (this was very apparent to me). I can't comment on the imaging as I didn't get a chance to test that on the Andromeda. The A5 imaging is great.

    Gear used:

    LG v20 w/ Tidal.

    Campfire Andromeda Snow White w/ medium stock tips.
    LZ-A5 w/ Black filter w/ stock small tips (my size).

    Thanks! :)
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  2. Brooko Contributor
    Can you please measure the 4 filters on your rig and either post or PM me the curves on a single graph? Pref with foam tips so that there is consistency with coupler fit.

    Also your comments on treble - is it the same regardless of filter?

    I'm just trying to get a base-line to see if what we are seeing is preference at play or filter variance.
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  3. Ahmad313
    and how about the hiss issue in your set ,?

    may i ask you from which store you purchase your A5 ,???
  4. Ahmad313
    Nice comparison , how you feel the vocals quality and positioning on both iems,???
  5. RedJohn456
    I haven't noticed any hiss on my A5 and I have used it with my Macbook Pro, Note 4, E17k, Geek Out V2, Zorloo ZuperDac-S etc. No hiss or bg noise from any of my sources.

    My A5 is actually a review unit arranged by LZ with the help of NiceHCK store on Aliexpress.
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  6. Ahmad313
    Thanks , HCK is a trustable store i know ,
  7. Ivan TT
    I experience high frequency uplift, resulting in harsh highs and hiss with mojo as a source.

    F.audio FA1 and Zishan Z3 (muses02 opamp) are silly smooth, except on some poorly mixed/mastered tracks (few of those on top 40). Actually, when using FA1 highs are the most organic and smooth I've experienced so far with IEMs.

    I'd say it's maybe up to 4.5dB above 10kHz when using mojo, and I A/B'ed in realtime using a passive switch.

    Would everyone who is experiencing high frequency issues post their sources please?

    Mine came from HCK store too, very good service, price and DHL thrown in, 5 days to my corner of the world.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
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  8. Nezzad1
    I use mojo too. On galaxy S8 exynos version it's a bit smoother. I am waiting for a refurbished LG V10 that I bought for silly 110 dollars on aliexpress. Should be here in a week or so. I've read it's pretty balanced so I'm looking forward to trying my A5 on that phone.
  9. Bubblejuice
    Thank you! I can do that, but again, take what I say with a big grain of salt, I didn't have too long with the Andromeda, and the conditions weren't ideal either.


    The vocal quality kind of followed the impression I had of the mids. The A5s have very detailed vocals and they are intimate enough that they feel like they are the star of the song (particularly with male vocals). They are clear and detailed, though often times I notice background vocals a little more forward than the main vocals. Maybe it's because I have never heard them as clearly before, and my minds automatic reaction is to focus on this new presence. Though, because the LZ-A5 are so energetic with their tuning, if you have a complex piece, even though everything is clearly separated and it's correctly positioned within a huge sound-stage, it can start to sound a little like there's too much going on.

    The Andromeda were clear winners for me when it came to vocals. This does not, in any way, mean the A5s are bad, but this is comparing them to an TOTL IEM about x4 the price, which also happens to be lauded for it's mids and vocals. So in short, the Andromeda had even more intimate, clear, detailed, and smooth (sometimes called Lush) vocals. The singer was at the forefront of the music, the background vocals were only slightly in front of the rest of the instruments. They didn't overtake the main vocals, but they were forward enough so you could hear them clearly should you want to. They also had no sharpness that is usually accompanied by great detail, but still managed to have amazing detail. On the other hand, though the Andromeda did really well with both male and female vocals, female vocals were nicer on these comparatively. IMO male vocals timbre was equally nice between the two.


    Ok, so the reason I didn't mention anything about positioning is because the environment and tips were not ideal, I'm pretty sure I did not hear the Andromeda's best in this regard, but I'll do my best with what I have.

    The LZ A5 so far have some of the best positioning & imaging I've heard in audio gear. I've been comparing them to my B&O H6, which is one of my favorite headphones, and often praised for it's imagining (me included). And the LZ-A5, IMO, got them handily beat. I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with the fact that the H6 vocals sound kind of recessed, and they are pretty sub-bass focused. This in mind, the A5 have really good imaging, positioning, and impressive sound-stage. One thing that I find awesome is that even in tracks where the music isn't 3 dimensional, you can see when the instruments are placed closer or further to your head by a certain degree without them crossing sides.

    The Andromeda, though also really good, (I think) had a bit smaller sound-stage. It wasn't too much smaller, but its limits were a little more marked. Though the stage did sound taller. Positioning was good. I didn't really have that much time to focus on the positioning, but I will say they were as good as the A5 at least, if not a little more "organized". It was easy to pinpoint the position of the sounds, and the positioning was a little more deliberate than the A5. Another way to explain it is as if the A5 is a naturally talented but new performer. They position things well, but it just seems to come naturally to them, not much thought behind it. The Andromeda are like a performer who worked really hard to be as good as they are, the positioning seems deliberate, more refined, and also accurate. I really don't know if it's better, I didn't have time to decide that, but it is different. The A5 are still exceptional in this area.

    Hope this helps. Sorry I couldn't be more specific.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
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  10. Ahmad313
    Thank you very much , you already did everything that i want to know about the vocals on the A5(i am a mids/vocals lover), although i am very much interested in the Andromeda but it is still bit out of my range so it seems A5 is a best choice ,
  11. RedJohn456
    The mids on the A5 with black filters is glorious. In particular, instruments sound organic and true to life. Distorted guitar is full and textured and wind instruments timbre is spot on. Vocals are amazing as well, particularly female vocals. I have been listening to a lot of Daniela Andrade, Machine and the Florence and Indila with the A5.
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  12. Bubblejuice
    Yeah, you absolutely won't be disappointed.

    I'm starting to save up for a pair of Andromeda now, I just have to decide whether I'd rather keep my H6 or the A5. I don't see the point of 2 great IEMs for my uses though. Though their sound isn't the same, there is semblance in the tuning.

    LZ will be coming out with more filters soon too, so there's also that to consider.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
  13. thejoker13
    I am mostly using my A5's with an LG V20 and I bought mine off Amazon from Yinyoo Audio.
  14. thejoker13
    I hope they do release new filters sometime soon. I'd love to see something between black and gray. I generally prefer a brighter sound (mostly use the blue filter on the A4's) but for some reason I'm having issues with the A5's treble. I can't wait until some of the reviewers I respect and follow start to review this iem. I want to know why these are so inconsistently described. Is it an inconsistent tuning between units or filters? I find it hard to believe it's tuning variances, because of LZ's track record.
  15. Bubblejuice
    They said in about 2 months when I asked them a few weeks ago. So, ideally, we should be seeing new filters by April. Though, I don't mind if they take longer if they are even better than what we already have to play with.

    The inconsistency probably has to do with how revealing these are. For example, I took these to the meet I described above, and no one I asked had ever heard of LZ before (about 30 people attended). Only one guy was interested enough to try them (he used stock tips). He said he found the bass astonishing (his daily drivers are the Earsonic Velvet V2), but there was a lot of silibance for him with the black filters. I put the gray filters on and he said now the silibance was gone, but the treble is super rolled off. I personally do not hear any silibance from the blacks (I'm in my 20s with pretty good hearing). Though the treble with the gray filters sound wonky to me, don't know why yet. I do hear something resembling silibance/sizzling with the blue filters though.
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