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  1. meringo
    This is so interesting. I too think the red filter is a little softer than the grey -- but that doesn't add up with the measurements people have done! They are supposed to be identical, but I certainly hear a difference. The grey is a bit more fun, to my ears.
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  2. B9Scrambler
    A quick and craptacular unboxing and fist impressions vid of the A5;

  3. ericp10
    I am one who absolutely can't stand harsh treble. It's one of the reasons I couldn't get along with the infamous Sony MDR-EX1000. The A5 treble doesn't bother me in the least bit. It's just perfect. Now, if it is bordering harshness, but it's not there. I have over 100 hours burn in now. The IEM didn't change a lot, but the sound is a bit more cohesive and the bass has settled down a tad bit. I still like the black but trying the red filters now for an even more balanced sound (I didn't like red filters before burn in though). I love this iem!
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  4. thejoker13
    I just received these today, after ordering them yesterday (thanks amazon prime). I am a huge fan of the A4's, so I was really anxious to give these a shot. I won't say much yet about my early impressions, as I've only given them about 3-4 hours ear time so far. I've been spending most of that time tip and cable rolling, trying to find the perfect synergy with my V20. The only thing I'll say right now is that I am experiencing no hiss with any of my flac files, or streaming in extreme quality on Spotify. I will post some impressions once I get 50 or so hours on these and have a good grasp with what the A5's are all about.
  5. Nezzad1
    If you find them shouty, sibilant, or harsh, definitely try grey filters! They are the warmest of the bunch.
  6. meringo
    For those of you spending lots of time tip rolling, try swapping the cable for something a little softer or without memory wire. I've been using the IT01 cable the past couple of days and no longer have to re-adjust every other track. This, plus discovering the magic of the grey filters are really putting them back into the daily driver seat. I'm about to take them down from the sale forums.

  7. Nezzad1
    Exactly the same thing I did! I was thinking if I should sell them as red filters were too hot on some tracks. And then I swapped to grey filters and now I can live with them.

    Also swapped to copper cable instead of silver. Life is good now :)
  8. crabdog
    That memory wire is awful IMO, so yeah I've been using another cable too. Will have to give the grey filters another go; I've been on the reds for a week or so.
  9. RedJohn456
    Likewise, I have ZERO problems with treble and I am stupidly sensitive to treble. If anyone is forming their opinion with only the stock tips then that there is the problem. This iem needs a healthy dose of tip rolling because without a good seal you are bound to run into troublesome peaks and a thinner sound.

    For anyone who is afraid of getting the A5 because they feel the A5 is a treble monster, trust me they are not.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
  10. B9Scrambler
    I'm not in the treble monster camp, I just feel their treble is too abrasive. Still like em regardless, especially with the grey nozzles in place.
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  11. thejoker13
    This is where I'm at with them right now too. I'm finding the treble to metallic and artificial regardless of the filters or tips I've tried. Ugh, I REALLY wanted to like these, but so far I am truly underwhelmed with them.
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  12. Astonish
    Metallic and thin are good adjectives. The sound signature at times can be described as tin foil on the set I got
  13. RedJohn456
    Might be worth looking into getting a replacement, that sound right. Hope you get it sorted!
  14. thejoker13
    Is anyone else using the A5's primarily with an LG V20? If so, how would you describe the highs with the A5's on the V20?
  15. Astonish
    I have a replacement pair, but haven’t opened them yet. I’m pretty sure it’s just the sound signature of the headphones and don’t want to waste another new set, so might just send them both back.

    They have no other like audible defect, you think they’re a bad pair or do they just sound like that . The fact that opinion seems to be split on them makes me think that just might be how they sound
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