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  1. Ahmad313
    have you also noticed the hiss issue on A5 as some folks reported here ,???
  2. Astonish
    I have a new pair coming so I can compare the two sets
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  3. Ahmad313
    Do you mean you ordered a 2nd set for yourself ,?

    So what about the hiss issue on your 1st set , is that really noticeable ,?
  4. Astonish
    Yes it was very noticeable, but not on every track. I listened to some of the tracks with other headphones I owned and it was just on the a5s. Could be the detail retrieval or could be the set, will see when the second set arrives and I can compare the two sets
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  5. Bubblejuice
    I notice background noise on them when plugged into my laptop, but that's probably because they're sensitive, and most laptop outputs suck. But my B&O H6 doesn't have any problems. Otherwise, they could run fine on my O2 amp with no hissing.

    If you plugged them into a source like a phone, did you still hear hissing?
  6. Ahmad313
    [QUOTE="Bubblejuice, post: 14021926,

    If you plugged them into a source like a phone, did you still hear hissing?[/QUOTE]
    Yes i also want to know are the hiss is there when you plug the A5 directly in the smartphone ,
  7. Snd_
    Hi guys,

    I've been following this thread with great interest for a while now. The A5's seem right up my alley and seem to offer tremendous bang for buck!
    Before I stumbled upon this thread I was planning on buying the MusicMaker SHOCKWAVE III.
    Does anyone have acquaintance with these? How do they relate to the A5's?

    Looking forward to your experiences!
  8. RedJohn456
    I tried the shockwave SIII last year and found the high end to sound metallic and artificial sounding. YMMV and I must admit this is recalling from memory. There may have been revisions to the SIII since then as well.
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  9. RedJohn456
    I wanted to add that I am really not a fan of the stock tips. I went back and tried them and the sound balance sounds a bit off with those tips imho. Best bet is to try some tip rolling to get the balance just right.
  10. Astonish
    Yea iPhone x which surprisingly has really good audio performance if you can get over the dongle lol

    What tips do you like on them?
  11. RedJohn456
    20180205_045827.jpg 20180205_045912.jpg 20180205_045916.jpg
  12. Astonish
    Got a link? These are my first IEMs so I have no idea which tips those are lol

    Also are there any tips or materials that can tame the treble on these? The highs can be brain piercing and takes away from the enjoyment of listening to them for me
  13. salla45
    Comply foam tips are generally great at providing a good seal, are comfortable and tame treble. I use them all the time on my IEM's.


    My question to the forum is in fact which line of Complys would be best for the A5's - is it the 400 series, like for the A4's?? I would like to order a set ready for when i finally get the funds in place for the A5's :)
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  14. gugman
    just a quick info, now A5 is available @ amazon with Fulfillment by Amazon / Prime option and that is a great thing !
  15. Astonish
    Looking to buy comply tips for comfort anyone know what size fits these 400 or 500?
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