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  1. Autostart
    Can we get these in any other color than pink?
    Ahmad313 likes this.
  2. griff06
    £70 more than AliEx though... Security and ability to easily return is tempting however. Also next day delivery!
  3. Bubblejuice
    How much are these on Ali?
  4. griff06
    Last check was £200.xx.... it was 200 plus some pence. This is without any of the voucher codes added so potentially about £5-7 cheaper still
  5. griff06
    £200.63 to be precise (had to check to make sure i wasnt delirious)
  6. Zerousen
    $280 on both AliExpress and amazon for those who are in the US.
  7. griff06
    Wow. So for UK its buy it cheaper on Ali or pay over $300 equivalent on Amazon
  8. griff06
    Just in case any one queries my statement
  9. griff06
  10. BuddhaBruce
    Has anyone compared these to Campfire iems? Might not be fair but how do these fair against andromedas?
  11. misteral201103
    DAMMIT!!! I'm all ready to buy a new set of IEMs to upgrade from my A4s, I'm heading towards double the price of the A4s, going to go out on Saturday and audition some....and then I see this. What on earth am I supposed to do now?!?!?!
    Can anyone comment on perceived soundstage (width and depth) compared to A4s? I'm still chasing that elusive, transporting immersion.
    Also, can anyone compare the A5s to Final Audio Heaven V?
    Seriously tempted, largely due to love for the A4s and a sense of gratitude and loyalty to LZ.
  12. loungecat
    Bit to expensive for me at the moment, works out @ $300AUD Already have a set of A4 's Will have to wait until these drop in price, probably December :triportsad: :triportsad:
  13. expatriot
    hifichris only gave these 3 1/2 stars and audio123 gave it 4 stars. Both reviewers are not afraid to give out 5 stars if warranted. Everyone should read their reviews before purchasing to make sure you can live with them. For me i decided to hold off and wait for something a little nicer to come along.
  14. HiFiChris Contributor
    With proper build quality (no glue residue), a cable that matches the price better, and improved ~10 kHz, more than 4 stars would be easily warranted. On the technical level, it's a really good in-ear for the price. Strong sub- and lower midbass elevation, but implemented very well - I really applaud that. No midrange bleed at all. Good midrange + lower and middle treble. But the upper treble - not so good. Cymbals don't sound on point. They are rather spread and tend to sizzle. The people at LZ clearly know how to tune an in-ear, so it seems. Else they wouldn't have gone for no front cavity vent (-> sub-bass + lower midbass elevation) in combination with the very cleverly placed rear cavity vent (will give a bit of extra midbass and fundamental warmth that would be otherwise probably lacking a little) that's located in a spot where it is less likely to be blocked by one's ear anatomy. But they should have definitely done better with the upper treble.
    Ahmad313 likes this.
  15. expatriot
    Your points are spot on. My only disappointment is that the flaws you do recognize, do not in my opinion warrant the price tag.
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