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  1. Ivan TT
    Apologies, but I use ears, not numbers.

    If i was to follow the numbers you suggest, I would be doing exactly what you implied at the start of this discussion: succumbing to the power of suggestion (not that I'm against checking them or even more so, attracting LZ's attention so that new set of filters could be created for A5's, I'm happy to beta-test them by the way).

    My approach is not based on numbers, but on the perceived phenomenon: I adjust EQ until symptoms recede, THEN check what frequencies I arrived at (as evident from two different EQ curves I posted and notice that I confirmed 8Khz area AFTER doing EQing, before that I actually thought it's more like 5-6kHz range). Even more so, I'm not that attached to a specific frequency, quite happy to re-check again, or see anyone else's EQing results, why not?

    And please let me reiterate again: I don't have anything to prove or anyone to prove wrong, I'm sharing my observations and experiences and opinions based on them in a quest to make good things (LZ A5 in this case) even better. Peace!
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
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  2. Slashn77
    How do these compare to my daily driver the UE 900s which I like a lot but do not have the exciting or ‘fun sound’ I look for when I want to jam out to some old school hip hop. I also like acoustic and classical so I’m thinking for $260 with the different filters it should be a good all arounder?
    I’m pretty new to the iems and I know it is hard to judge “better” vs “worse” but would these be considered an upgrade to my ultimate Ears 900s?
    Also how are the microphonics for when I take my dog on a daily walk nothing crazy
  3. originalsnuffy
    I must admit that I do not know how to interpret some of these frequency response diagrams. Do we look for flattish response up to 8khz or so and not worrry after that? Some pointers would be cool.

    Seems to me that some people think these are a bit too sibilant. So far that is not my response. I am looking forward to reviews from those with exposure to a lot of IEM units. Meanwhile I am enjoying these. They are not quite as comfortable as the FLC8S but I like the low bass profile compared with the FLC8S.
  4. Bubblejuice
    I haven't heard any silibance either. The only thing I don't like is that I find the treble with the blue filters to be kind of harsh, but the blacks are really nice. I would probably use something in between the two, but I definitely can't use the blues.
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  5. RedJohn456
    I have been mainly using black filters and I would describe myself as someone sesitive to forward/strident treble and sibilance in general. I find black and grey to sound relatively muffled in comparison.

    I don't know if it's just the fit I'm getting or my ear anatomy but I'm not hearing any sibilance. Ymmv.
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  6. Mdclol
    I truly believe the folks who reported sibilance actually meant to point out the perceived harshness. While I only notice it indoors, and even then only on some songs, the red and grey filters do help.

    I doubt ol' Zhong would put his seal of approval on something sibilant after having nailed previous, cheaper, iterations of the LZ IEMs.
  7. Astonish
  8. rav101
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  9. Bubblejuice
    I just removed the memory wire from my stock cable. The cable is actually dead enough that it will not slip over my ear on its own. It's pretty impressive.

    I find I'm trading a little extra cable noise for significant extra comfort.

    They are easier to put on and much easier to store now (I wear glasses, but holds true for me without glasses too).

    Main downside is that the MMCX connector now feels a little loose/weak from the lack of strain relief. Once I figure out what to do about that, I'll provide an update.

    EDIT: So I did some heat shrink trickery and managed to make a firm heat shrink strain relief. Well, not so much a strain relief as much as it is an anchor point. But since these are braided, there should be no problem. I have to say, it's much more comfortable and easy to store without the memory wire.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2018
  10. bhazard
    Changing away from stock eartips also can tame the 1-5khz region a bit. I have a similar setup as Brooko for measurements.

    I'll play around with 1-5 and 8khz, but I'm also in agreement that there is much more balance adjusting the 1.25-5 region over the 8k one.

    Actually, maybe not. With wide bore spiral dots, -6db is far too much of a reduction in 1-5kHz with the black nozzles. With stock I could see this helping. 8kHz reduction actually does cause a pleasing effect (Machine Head Catharsis cymbals noticeably are affected by the 8kHz change), but only by 1-2db tops. I'll have to see if my measurements differ from Brooko's whenever I can take them.

    There is a big difference in sound between the spiral dots and stock tips to my ears.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
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  11. Astonish

    Anyone use the lz a4 before this? If so how do they compare? For new buyer, worth auditioning both or is a5 clear upgrade?
  12. Brooko Contributor
    Are you using a standard DAP with linear EQ? If so, dropping 8 kHz will also affect 7 kHz and to a lesser extent 6 kHz. This might be the lower treble energy some may be finding a little too much. With the grey/red I actually think the default is pretty good - just too much sub-bass for me personally.

    I posted a parametric EQ for the black/blue if you have a DAP that can do parametric. I'm using it with my iPhone SE and Equaliser app. Very addictive :wink:

    50Hz, Q= 0.5, -3 dB
    800Hz, Q = 0.5, +3 dB (this just flattens the lower mid range a bit and brings male vocals a little more into the mix)
    2000 Hz, Q = 1.5, -6 dB
    3000 Hz, Q = 1.5, -6 dB
  13. Ivan TT
  14. Brooko Contributor

    Ivan - hopefully this helps. I cut the foam from a pair of Sony Isolation tips (so similar to what you used). I packed it loosely, measured, then packed with more, and measured again. graph below:

    lza5 foam.png

    Small amount of foam - noticeable but barely. Reasonably well packed (about 2/3) - some big change, but int he upper mid-range more than the lower treble. The problem is that (for me subjectively) the bass is accentuated (less masking / more of it in the mix), the mid-range comes back, but more than the lower treble. It actually accentuates any sharpness rather than alleviating it.

    Would work better with the blue or black filters I think, as their issues are actually in the lower mid-range. 8kHz hardly changed. 7 kHz down by about 3-4 dB.

    Hope that helps.
  15. bhazard
    USB Audio Player Pro Parametric EQ. I had to go through about 5 sets of tips before settling on the JVCs. I'll give this a shot later with the stocks and JVCs. (I love the extra sub-bass energy though so 50hz stays.)
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