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  1. stryed
    But it's pinkish too...:confounded: I find it a bit random to add wings as decoration. I like the design that is reminiscent of the fiio F9 but that has the wavy thing going on. A4 is gorgeous
  2. peter123
    Man, I'm glad that I can't see what I have put in my ears :wink:
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  3. ericp10
    The shells are DEFINITELY all metal. And I thought the logo was pink at first; that turned me off initially. But it actually looks redder in person. Photos don't really do it justice. But the sound is amazin. It's been a long time since I've heard an IEM with so much bass (sub bass) that doesn't obscure the mids or the highs (which 'aren't to hot).
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  4. B9Scrambler
    That has me more exited to hear them than anything else mentioned in this thread.
  5. Broquen
    One thing doesn't invalidate the other. They can shine their own way and it was just only my personal opinion :)
  6. rav101
    I thought it was confirmed that the shell is made from mental??
  7. Broquen
    Yes, it was confirmed. Aluminum.
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  8. Podster
    Same here, I like that black matte finish which reminds me of the A&D D2's but obviously of higher quality in a metal shell. The Honda logo should be in blue IMO:thumbsup: I'm still lovin' my A4's, as well as my Rockets, R1's, FLC8S, Icarus III's, Master's, P1/PX's, Delta V1/V2's, M1221's, PFE 022's, D2002's, Noble X's, Rose No. 7's, SE215's, SWIII's, Vyrus's and Havi B3P1's!

    Not to mention these fine examples of Chinese Budget iem's:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Tri-Braid KZ's.JPG

    Oops sorry LZ lovers, back on track! I just want to know if the A5 is worth an additional $65 bones over the A4? (Make that the beautiful A4's):wink:

    A4 Opy 1.JPG

    You see it's post like @ericp10 's that get me deeper in debt around here especially when he ends his favorite iem's signature with the B3 Pro:scream: LOL
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018
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  9. meringo
    Relative to my other dynamic and hybrid IEMs, I find these to be bass light. Hmm... Sub bass is actually my one criticism at the moment.
  10. Nezzad1
    Then you are not getting a good seal. These have so much sub bass that my head hurts if i turn the volume up.
  11. meringo

    I just got home and swapped tips... you were right! The seal wasn't as good as I thought it was. Oddly enough, isolation was excellent despite this. I moved up to large, have better bass and can't shake this ridiculous smile off my face now.

    Nezzad1 likes this.
  12. atoff
    After trying to swap cables and playing with an assortment of tips I've decided to return mine. I'm pretty sure I received a defective set. The connector on one of mine is pretty loose, and after swapping cables it was still loose, so it's on the IEM side. I also noticed that the threads for the filter on the other side was shallow, or had some other issue, because my filter on that side wasn't very secure. Very loose compared to the other side which is perfectly tight. I also hate the cable. You can't make the smallest movements, and the ear hooks are annoying because they don't actually wrap around my ear because of the direction the cables face, and while that can be taken care of by purchasing new cables, that's another $40+ that I didn't need to spend. Mine also had hiss from most sources, which I mentioned a few times in this thread. No one else has had a problem with that, so maybe it was just my defective pair, who knows.

    Having said that, the sound is fantastic. The clarity is better than even my favorite AKG K712 Pro. I think it's well worth the price if it weren't for the flaws that mine had.
  13. B9Scrambler
    :pensive: Well, back to neutral, haha. I'll just have to see what I think when they arrive.
  14. duyu
    The bass of A5 is better than A4's. Quality and quantity. I’m not a bass-head, but I enjoy the bass. Very solid.
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  15. originalsnuffy

    I certainly respect your opinions and reviews. So there is another vote for your good work.
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