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  1. audio123
    At the moment, I am trying the Blue Filter + Symbio Eartips out of my DX200.

    Quite a good combo I must say!
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  2. rav101
    Does anyone have experience yet of trying different cables with the A5? Cable noise is something I would prefer to do without and wondering if there are any good combinations for this IEM?
  3. audio123
    I will try with the Alo Litz and iBasso CB13 soon. :beyersmile:
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  4. Lidson Mendes Br
    Of all the reviewers, what I like best of you is Brooko, I feel that you can be a very detailed and fair review at the same time. And I also find your reviews very honest.
  5. rav101
    Based on initial comments here, I've taken the plunge and ordered from Penon Audio. Excited for these to come though and try them out. My pair of Flare R2Pro's seem to be broken and as they are discontinued, I can't get a replacement cable / driver for the housing. Seems I "picked" a good time to check back in and find these have only just been released
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  6. OliverBB
    I might be in the minority but I absolutely hate the look...
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  7. Bubblejuice
    I'm mostly interested in the comparisons between the A5s and the FLC8s and the FLC8n which should be released in a week or two.
  8. Ahmad313
    You are not alone but if they sing beautiful i can live with them,
  9. phthora
    At least they look comfortable.
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  10. Lidson Mendes Br
    I saw some pictures of the A5 with the silver shell, much prettier.
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  11. rav101
    The style reminds me of the Weston's 4 and Shure 535's. I agree about the wing which is a bit much but let's see
  12. stryed
    Same here. A4 had a pretty cool & original look although not ergonomic. A5 reminds me of Asterix with a terrible color.
  13. ericp10
    thanks for your initial impressions. I have mine now. I have yet to try the blue and grey filters, but the red had too much sub-bass for me (and I love bass). Right now I'm enjoying the black. The vocal details are simply amazing. This is a great value so far. Will try the other filters and get to burning it in soon.
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  14. meringo
    I'm curious as to why people don't like the look? the A5 looks like any other over-ear style IEM to me. Maybe it's the Honda motorcycle logo? As a former Honda owner, I'm a big fan.
  15. Broquen
    In my case, I don't like the logo shape* nor the color in the black model, plus shell seems to be plastic and doesn't help.

    EDIT: * And is so big, also...

    I'm waiting for A4s for more than a month now and if not for that, I would firmly consider getting A5s
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018
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