Looking to step up from MEE Duos for under 150.

  1. Athideus
    Hello everyone! I've been rocking a pair of MEE Duos for a few years now and I accidentally sent them through the wash, so now I'm looking to take a step up. I'm looking for a pair of IEM's with great isolation (I'm willing to buy third party foam eartips if need be). The overwhelming majority of music I listen to are different subgenres of edm, hip-hop/rap, rock, and some jrock. I really liked the way that the duos were designed to fit with the cable being placed around the ear, and would prefer to get a pair that were designed to be worn like that as well. Do you guys have any recommendations that would best fit my music tastes under 150 usd? Thank you in advanced for the recommendations!
  2. Athideus
    I've been reading a few reviews for some products, but I'm not too sure what I should be looking for for my music tastes. As in, should I be looking at clear mid or clear highs?

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