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Looking for the "Best" Universal IEM

  1. tmarshl

    Well now JH Audio has JH13s in universal fit.  Just what the doctor ordered.
  2. 1TrickPony
    there's a crazy totl shoot out fresh in the oven with a superb writer/critic. I'd check that out if I had serious money to burn. You'll find what you're looking for on that thread. Don't feel like linking since its not far ;p
  3. tmarshl

    Can you provide a link?  Thanks.
  4. Drew Keys
    Just received my jh 16v2 performance series and am thoroughly impressed.  The bass is great, the high r crisp and the soundstage and detail is just what I like for stage use...Now to burn them in.
  5. tmarshl

    Could you give us your impressions after burn-in?  Would greatly appreciate.

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