Looking for in ears with crazy bass
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Apr 14, 2011
As I said in the title, so far I've only bought the SoundMagic pl30s and honestly, the bass isn't strong enough for me (just preference). I need something that really excels in deep rich bass, I wanna feel it and hear it. Any recomendations?
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I don't think that would be enough.  Is bass your only requirement?
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umm I'd prefer not to have multiple devices in my pockets while on the go so amps are a no go.  And yes, bass my pretty much my only req, I don't tend to notice the quality of mids and highs as much as others.
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MEE M9/M6 (get the P models if you have an iPod/iPhone).  Moshi Moonstones have pretty good Bass (my opinion) - These are forty though. Just some ideas.
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x2 for the M9
I borrowed a pair that I bought for my girlfriend while other IEMs of mine were in transit and I thought they sounded phenomenal. At the time, I thought they sounded better than my IE8's, but I was just deprived of top-tier IEMs lol.
I think they should suit your needs very well. You cannot beat their price/performance ratio.
However, if you really wanted to upgrade, you could shoot for the [refurbished] original Monster Turbines. I believe Monster still has them available on their outlet store (Monster Outlets.) Those are only $50 there.
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The Monster Turbines are better overall.
The bass is very well textured with great quantity. Mids are nice, but can be muddied by the bass. The highs are good too.
I'm sorry I can't give you any better of a description as I have not heard the originals in over three months. They are definitely worth the jump in price.
Oh, and by the way, your wallet will come to hate you 


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