1. mglak51jk

    About these crazy new-ish Apple earpods

    I have a maddening love/hate relationship with these things. As ear-buds of course they have zero isolation-which is to be expected, and really doesn't work for living in NYC, yet when it's quiet, i really like them. I can hear details that I can't hear otherwise (even with the Etymotic...
  2. XaltanedgeX

    Shortlisted TOP TEN BEST BUDGET LATEST HEADPHONES under 20$ !!!! :'D

    Hello, sooo, i wanna buy a headphone under 2000rupees i'll be listening to downhere and casting crowns for most(christian rock) i use original rips of audio source. the device is an ipod nano. can you please recommend a good warm sounding headphone...
  3. BeauRoger

    UE600 for 73 $ or Soundmagic 30 for 58$?

    So i have been looking around this site and some other review sites and have found these two canditates.. Logitech UE60 and Soundmagic E30. I dont know much about headphones, but id rather not go over 80$ and i live in sweden, so many of the popular headphones around here are not available to...
  4. whirlwind

    Need Comfortable Earphones

    I have the JVC FX40 and the sound is nice, but I would like something more comfortable.   I want something that sounds at least as good as the JVC FX40...I would like to spend around $50 or less.   I am not against buying second hand if the deal is right and I get more comfortable...
  5. Aw3som3

    Any recommendations for £25-£35 in-ear earphones? -Heavy rock

    Hi guys,   I'm searching for a decent pair of in-ear earphones. My budget is around £25 but I would'nt mind pushing it up to £35 for a good pair. The music I mostly listen to is; Rock, Heavy Rock, Metal and Heavy metal. I also occasionally listen to Dubstep and Death Metal. I'm mostly...
  6. tussinette

    Sony MH1 vs Soundmagic PL30

    Hi there, my first review will actually be a comparison. I will do my best not to do too many mistakes but please note that english is not my native language. I'd rather tell you, even if you might already have notice by now :-)   I am not going to analyse the sound in every detail of its...
  7. mancpg

    Dynamic driver earphones for classical music?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on a dynamic driver earphone that would be suitable for classical music (and jazz)? The question is I guess asking about a dynamic driver earphone that would have good response in the high frequencies, as well as the mids (along with the bass). I...
  8. Starsky5000

    Are Sound Magic PL-30 Professional Earphones Better Sounding than the Audio Technica CK7s?

    Hi i have a CK7 & i love it alot. But i see alot of people mentioning the Sound Magic Professional Earphones. Are these Sound Magic Earphones better sounding than my beloved CK7's? Thanx All.
  9. shrac123

    Sony Equivalent

    I am Quite happy with the performance and Bass/Treble ratio of Sennheiser CX 180, and Soundmagic PL30, and built quality too.. I am trying to find the equivalent in Sony which has similar sound pattern and more crispier, which is of the same price range.of my previous 2 earphones. Any...
  10. daniel521

    IEM that is balanced but fun?

    I had purchased the PFE232 because I thought their v-shaped signature would be fun and energetic. I was wrong because their mids were too recessed for me and I wasn't impressed, they definitely weren't fun for me. After returning them, I tried looking for a mid-centric model here at head-fi, but...
  11. Saumil1989

    Best IEM in 1500 INR?

    Hello friends,    I am new to this forum, I go through this site for reviews as it is very reliable and useful too. I am currently using Tekfusion Twinwoofers (White) and not at all happy with it. I am planning to buy new IEM in 1500 INR.   I listen to Rock, Metal, Trance, Pyschadelic...
  12. 777Xian888

    Klipsch Image X1 Headphones, SoundMagic PL30 In - Ear Sound Isolating Earphones, Skullcandy TITAN Earbuds - Black/Chrome

    Hi, can anyone please evaluate to me regards Klipsch Image X1 Headphones, SoundMagic PL30 In - Ear Sound Isolating Earphones, Skullcandy TITAN Earbuds - Black/Chrome?   I will like to search for a neutral earphone and good isolation, around 40 euro.   Thanks for your comments
  13. nikkojames15

    Flat response for less than $100?

    I have a SoundMAGIC PL-30 IEM, and I was wondering if there was a full-size headphone within $100 or less that has the same mid-range detail and flat response of the PL-30. It doesn't matter if it's open or closed, although a portability could be useful. Bass should be just right, not boomy, but...
  14. vanamonde

    IEM's for electronic , ambient , downtempo music ?

    Hi, I am planning to buy two IEM's one in 0-50$ range and the other about 100$-150$. I listen mostly to electronic & ambient/downtempo  music like (Moby,Air,Royksopp etc, etc). could anybody please suggest me good & durable (i have a bad history of electronic device abuse and carelessness. in...
  15. Liver

    Work out iem

    Looking for a durable pair of iems with a less tangly cord. Sound quality has to be good but not necessarily great. Currently I am using some monoprice iems. They sound good and are really cheap (sub $5). However they are kinda microphonic and super tangly wires. Too early to tell about...
  16. BangOn

    Sturdy budget earphones, best bang for the buck? (Mostly for text)

    I want the cheapest best-bang-for-the-buck in ear monitor (mostly to listen to text but some music too - for music I have regular headphones). It must be very sturdy - I don't want the cables to break down. It is the usual end of in-ear phones.   What's the best solution for me?   I also...
  17. kristy

    I'm no audiophile - should I still splurge on Vsonic's GR02 instead of GR99?

    I would appreciate any suggestions.. my Sennheiser CX300 died and I need a replacement. I did like the sound of the CX300 (please, don't shoot me!) but I'm ready to switch to something with less "bass" and a bit more clarity. I listen to a wide range of music (except for heavy metal kinda stuff)...
  18. Cerace

    Tricky first foray in a brave new world - advice on budget IEMs

    Hi there everyone,   I've spent a couple of weeks searching and reading this forum in an effort to try and learn all about IEMs and how to purchase the right model. Finally I decided to ask you guys directly, and I apologize in advance for the inevitable overlapping with so many other...
  19. SuperZero5225

    IEM's under $30?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a pair of IEM's for under $30 (As the title says lol). I'll be mostly using these while I work out: Running, Lifting Weights, etc. So for sure I'm looking for something that won't fall out of my ears and have some good-great isolation. The source of my music will coming...
  20. CrystalT

    Grado SR60i mods? *Read the OP: The question wasn't covered by search!*

    I'm looking, specifically, for DIY ways of the following:   **Increase stereo imaging **Ways to make the cups circumaural **Ways to increase the lower mids, around 500-800hz.   I'm fond of the overall package, but I want to increase Grado's ability to accurately depict position...
  21. Magicman74

    Astrotec AM90-A Hidden Gem-(Review)

    First off I want to give a BIG thanks to Bigbarginonline for going out on his free time to get me a set of these. I sent him $35 US and he went right out no problem to get me a pair. Talk about a GREAT seller.  He now sells these on his Ebay site for $35+6 Shipping=$41 US   So what's in the...
  22. poikkeus

    IEM or earbuds, comtortable, but under $30 - best options?

    Sometimes, I have issues sleeping - so I listen to podcasts or audiobooks on a iPod Touch. The sound is clear and concise, but those ear buds are irritating, impossible to use while sleeping, and constantly fall out of my ears.   I'm looking for an earbud/IEM that's (1) relatively cheap...
  23. CrystalT

    The next logical progression?

    I'm trying to figure out what the next logical progression is in this hobby of mine. My first forray in to the hobby was buying soundmagic pl11, and rockboxing my old sansa e260. From there, I have purchased soundmagic pl30, and klipsch image x10, upgraded my player to a voodoo mod SGS captivate...
  24. Kalsten

    Itchy ears making me mad, need to replace PL-30 earbuds

    Hi Since the end of last year, I have been suffering a itchy pain when I listening music with my SoundMagic PL-30, both the foam and the silicone tips. I went to the doctor after being using it one day complete, and she did not see anything, and told me to put some temperate oil in cottom...
  25. TMC

    Soundmagic P30, badly matched drivers?

    Hello everyone, as most of you I've been reading a lot on the massive portable headphone shootout before my purchase. In the end I went with the Soundmagic P30. I just received them today and noticed there's a clear unbalance right out of the box, as the left driver is clearly louder than the...