Looking for a hip-hop setup with a ~£1000 budget
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Jun 3, 2020
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Hi - I have been out of the game for years but looking to take another stab. I primarily listen to hip-hop and have about £1000 to spend (~$1100-1200). I am currently listening on a pair of Sennheiser Momentum’s (over ear). Primarily going to be listening stationary at my desk by myself so open back is possible. Any advice of what sort of setup would suit my needs? What avenues should I be looking down? Was maybe thinking of grabbing a pair of 6xx’s with a decent amp but reading they’re not the ideal pick for hip-hop. Back in the day, I used to own a pair of Ultrasone Pro 900 and loved their sound.
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Bump - for what its worth, I’ve been rec’ed th Audeze LCD-2C on another forum and I’m curious on a second opinions/thoughts on that?

They're a great all-round set of cans. I am far from conversant on hip-hop. But I would be surprised if you don't like them. They don't need huge power but a decent solid state amp is a good idea.

But a lot of people can't wear them. They are large and they cover your ears well so you need a cool listening post. Personally I'm fine with them for hours but a lot of people are not.
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Ah thank you, will have a look into that. Unfortunately in the UK there doesn’t look to be too many places to try a pair on (even outside of COVID madness) so will have to judge on other opinions!

Are you kidding me? You guys have huge amounts of shops compared to us :wink:

BTW you can try any of the full-size Audeze and get a good idea. The weights vary among models but the headstrap and fit are similar.

The only other thing I could suggest is Fostex TH-900 or a pair of TR-X00's from drop but that would probably be second hand. The problem is the vocals are not in the forefront. The bass is amazing but the V shaped signature can bring piercing treble.
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Love my LCD-2 closed back when listening to Run the Jewels and Post Malone.

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