1. C

    Need Headphone Recommendation

    I am in the market for a closed-back headphone under $1,000. I listen to classical (mainly symphonies) and jazz 90% of the time. My source is Apple Music HiFi (24/96 mostly) through my iPhone with the Audioquest Dragonfly Red DAC/Amp. Currently, I'm looking at the DCA Aeon Noire and...
  2. E

    Upgrade to: Fiio FD3 or Sennheiser IE300?

    Hey guys, I currently have Fiio FD1 & Samsung Akg EO-IG955. I enjoy their sound a lot for my use cases. I listen to different genres - female vocals, EDM, Indie, Rock, Classic, etc. and also game sometimes. Could you recommend me which one would be better upgrade from my current set. And if...
  3. altyne

    Headphone recommendation: Meze Empyrean and Focal Utopia

    Hi all, I need recommendation for full size HD. Currently, I have aging Hifiman HD500 with Schiit Lyr and Bifrost (version 1). I need an upgrade mainly listening to rock (but sometimes listens to cringe (love songs), background and classical music if my family is around). I do not want too...
  4. DKMaester

    Koss KSC75 but better?

    I really like my KSC75 but they lack in the low frequencies and (imo) they lack detail. Even so, I really like them. That begs the question: is there a headphone that is tuned in a similar way to the KSC75 and addresses my two complaints? Under $300 would be a nice bonus. Thx.
  5. tlite

    Any V-Shaped 'Fun' Sound Signature Headphone Recommendations?

    Looking for recommendations! Used or new. Trying to stay under $1k. Thumpy Sub bass and clean sparkly treble without muddy mids. Good for Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Stoner Metal/Rock (though I expect mud in stoner rock- it's pretty much all mud) Audiophile-ish but fun sounding. Not looking...
  6. user4404

    Higher-end closed back recommendations

    Hi all, I'm sure you have seen this one before but everyone's preferences are different so here we go again. Looking for a higher-end closed back daily driver. I primarily listen to music while working but I also do a ton of gaming. I know those two don't always mix but hoping we can find...
  7. gimpymoo

    Cabled portable over-ear headphones - £150

    Suggestions please? Must have detachable cable. Open back preferred but closed back considered. Will be used with Sony NW-A105 Thank you.
  8. Chimmy9278

    Alternatives to alo audio litz cable?

    Hello and thanks for dropping by. I find myself able to hear the difference between a linsoul HC-08 and a alo audio regular litz cable. Both 4.4mm termination and same DAP. (Yes, I know it is a $80 difference, but it is what I have to compare.) The $100 price range is a sweet spot, as it has...
  9. SonofKalas

    Can someone reccomend a quality IEM based on my previous headphones?

    I have had and thoroughly enjoyed the sound of v-moda's M-80, XS, and crossfade wireless 2 (Especially my CW2). However, I have since moved to a place with a much hotter climate making over-ears uncomfortable. Can anyone recommend some quality IEMs with similar or better audio quality/sound...
  10. P

    Not satisfied with the Akg k240 need help finding replacements

    I bought a pair of AKG K240 like 2 years ago and I'm not satisfied with the sound, I regret investing in the whole open back thing. I always used cheap closed back headphones so I thought open back weren't going to be such a problem for me, but I was wrong. I can't focus on the music and every...
  11. ZsoSahaal

    Alternatives to Sennheiser HD 650?

    Hey everyone. So I've decided to get myself a pair of open headphones for home listening and bought a pair of HD 650, and now I'm trying to decide if there's a better alternative. The mids in these are great, but I'm not sure I like the increased lower mids presence and the laid-back highs. Are...
  12. A

    Need a new pair of IEMs. $70 or less

    My current IEMs are the CCA C12s and I think they're great but the left one broke so it's time for an upgrade. The only two things I care about are sound quality and isolation. I want to hear a lot of detail. Sound signature isn't a big deal for me. I just want to be able to hear every note of...
  13. pvtjoker42

    Looking for a new amp? sound? dac?

    I've been long debating the "upgrade" to a Schiit Valhalla 2 for my Senn HD 650's.. But I'm just not sure it's worth the money currently. I have no issue with the price tag of the Vallhalla 2, I'm just not sure I'm gaining much.. Current setup is Schiit Modi Uber 2 from my PC, and into my...
  14. David Giler

    Iem recommendation similar to Shuoer ej07.

    Looking for an easy to drive iem like the Shuoer ej07, or Unique melody mest with low impedance. •So far, I'm liking my ej07 when it comes to bass, vocals and everything else but would like it to have no early treble roll off or that doesn't sacrifice on the treble. • Im new to audio so I might...
  15. A

    HD800s vs Arya (Also amp/dac suggestions)

    Hello everyone. I need your inputs and suggestions for both HD800s and Arya's and which one should I keep. I currently have the HD800s paired with the thx 788 desktop amp/dac and I was wondering if the Aryas are better overall for music, gaming and movies? Are there better options for the price...
  16. M

    Looking for a warm signature wired earbud

    So, im looking for a more mid-bass centered earbud, for around or less than 100$, i want to just put them on and relax to the music, i dont mind if i lose a bit of detail or if its a high impedance headphone
  17. Margse

    How and why should I spend more than $200 on reference headphones?

    I like my sound balanced, neutral, and detailed. I'm not an audio professional, just a listener, but that's what pleases me. At home I listen with a pair of Genelec 8050 monitor speakers and adore them. Now I need closed headphones for office use, and am looking at options. It seems AKG K371 is...
  18. ZsoSahaal

    Hybrid IEM recommendation? (~300 USD)

    Hello, fellow HeadFiers.I could really use a piece of advice from more experienced IEM enthusiasts. I've been thinking about getting a pair of hybrid IEMs lately for everyday usage. I currently use JVC HA-FD01, and though they have impressive sound quality, they tend to be rather fatiguing with...
  19. G

    Recommendations on AMP/DAC for Audeze LCD-3

    Hi guys, this is my first ever post besides the new member introduction post. I have owned different headphones/earphones in the past: UE900, Westone w40, IE7, IE80, AKG K701, Beredynamic DT 880, Beredynamic Amiron, Sennheiser HD650 (still own), Audeze LCD-3 (still own), etc. I am currently...
  20. theaudiologist1

    Neutral, Open Headphones between $1000-1500?

    I want to upgrade from my neutral R70x'es but all the headphones in this range are either warm, or cold, like the HD800's having high treble peaks and the Hifiman headphones being warm, etc. Anybody know a good headphone between $1000-$1500 ("almost-TOTL" tier?) that is as neutral as the R70x...
  21. A

    Looking for a hip-hop setup with a ~£1000 budget

    Hi - I have been out of the game for years but looking to take another stab. I primarily listen to hip-hop and have about £1000 to spend (~$1100-1200). I am currently listening on a pair of Sennheiser Momentum’s (over ear). Primarily going to be listening stationary at my desk by myself so open...
  22. M

    Help with headphones, dacs/amps

    I'm very new to all of this but have been doing a lot of reading on new headphones but can't decide what to buy. I don't have a DAC or amp. I will mostly use these headphones for gaming (often times competitive shooters like csgo) while on the call with friends and some light music listening or...
  23. Peter Z

    What would drive TH900 well?

    So I recently bought a pair of mint TH900 for under 600 dollars (got real lucky there). I realize that my current combo is probably not going to drive them well (Schiit Modi Uber 2 + Monolith Liquid Spark). Here are some options that I'm interested in; please give me some advice as to which one...
  24. E

    Is it worth getting an entry level audiophile headphone…

    …if I own a Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro (250) ? I'm satisfied with the beyerdynamic, but I want to know whats beyond that. I like them a lot but have to say that they "sound like headphones". But therwise I have heard that open backs can lack a little bit in upper bass freq, and I don't really want...
  25. ivankg123

    Bluetooth Headphones? Which one to choose?

    Hello everyone, I recently came to this forum to talk about stuff hi-fi. So i really want to buy a good pair of Bluetooth Headphones for around 120-155 euro and i find myself on crossroad. I really loved the Marshall Monitor Bluetooth Headphones they seemed just right for me. I mean as a guitar...