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"With so many iterations of the GW, I do not have a clue how someone will know that what they paid as a perk is not now free to another level as they try and standardize."
Well for example I opted for although I later regret it the Carbon Fibre Box because I thought it would be cooler when heat issue were he big topic of discussion. Now everyone gets the same chassis block aluminium which is sturdier hopefully BUT did the the guys who provided some 200 bucks extra for a Titanium of Carbon fibre finish get their moment refunded or and extra lightening cable thrown in or we just say bye bye and glad we helped those would did not cough up in the first place. JUSTICE? For retired pensioners living on less than 1000USD a month this sort of justice matters.
My not so old DAP packed up 6 months ago. Non one from the company responds about replacing the battery which I suspect s what is wrong even to their published email addresses etc and the ones in their handbook. Harumph. Hoping I get to hear the Wave before my cancer gets me.
Batteries may seem like a small issue but here is one just happened my partners expensive Samsung S5 smartphone refuses to charge so we buy a new battery still zilch. The phone is 1 year ad 6 months old. Samsung service department tell us we can fix it for 400 USD WHAT. So chuck that phone and never buy Samsung products again. I still use a 12 year old Nokia for which I have bought 2 new batteries in that ties and there is nothing wrong with it. I long for the good old days of decent sized Nokias not these jumbo clumsy phones with built in obsolscence costing the earth.
So BATTERIES being replaceable and fixable power supply probs matter muchly in a +2000 DAP aka Wave
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  Another bit of info from Larry in a reply in the comment section:
"The chassis design internally structure will be confirm by the end of this month, if bound anything need to change, two to three more weeks. Outside design will need one to two more iteration. Plus all other elements, if it doesn't require all software functions to be completed. I think late Aug to early Sep. should be there. We are really pushing hard on this project."
Let's see if we indeed get to see a finalized design in September. After several design changes (I looked through old updates today and there are many pictures) I'm curious what the final version will look like.

don't hold your breath :) just saying
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With so many iterations of the GW, I do not have a clue how someone will know that what they paid as a perk is not now free to another level as they try and standardize.

Yes... I paid for some things like Bluetooth and Wifi, and something called "standalone DAC" ... and a few others, that all look like they will be standard. Upgrading to the new version of the Chip also seems moot at this point. The only thing of value seems like it may have been going to the X and 128 version. Even the differences in output power will probably not do anything for us.
A bit aggravating.
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1 new Announcement:

Dear Backers,

Allow me to answer some quick questions that happened many times in IGG and our ticket system. Thank you so much for your patience. Usually I would like to do a significant update but it seems we need to make one exception this time.

(1) IEM-X will works perfectly with your Geek Out V2, V2+ and Geek Out 2A. But it can NOT work with your iPhone or iPod.

We designed IEM-X earbud as the best performance under $150 balanced earbud. And the connection is 3.5mm with 4 connection points (Left positive, Right positive, Left Negative and Right negative in full balanced configuration). So when you plug IEM-X into your iPhone or iPod, it would appear like one channel as no sound. Which is perfectly normal by design. Please plug your IEM-X into Geek Out V2, V2+ or 2A or future Geek Wave. There are some more vendors (e.g. HiFi Man) using the same standard. You could use your IEM-X earbud with them too.

2) We will provide a nice and well-designed adapter from Balanced configuration to Single-ended configuration. So your IEM-X would work with literally every audio devices. (besides iPhone 7?)

3) The Solid State Drive we use inside Wave is 2 inch length of M.2 form factor SSD with SATA II interface. If you feel dizzy about these technical terms, which is perfectly healthy and normal. Don't worry. We will list out these SSD that we TESTED with our Geek Wave PCB and works fine. Please kindly don't purchase the larger SSD now since I would like to be more conservative to have the list published that we tested and working. Then you would take actions.

And, there are several vendors claim they will have 1T capability M.2 SSD there. But please allow us to test it first.

4) Our 5'' HD touch screen's resolution is 1080 * 720! It's not the normal 640*480 low res screen or something else. And your album art will be displayed like crystal clear and sharp.

5) We plan to finish the chassis design (firmed and settled) around the first week of August or second week of August latest. And we will put the PCB into the chassis and show you what you should get in real life before 3rd week. Our ME team is working very hard with CNC factory for that. We need and should have a solid yet stylish design there. I am 100% agree with you, besides these internal designs and test results, it's time to show up the exterior.

It's a long update that longer than I expected. Hopefully we addressed some key questions we got now. And yes, we are focus and determined.


New update...Larry DOES sound like he is really trying to get this thing out.
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I can't remember anymore. Does the GW run on android or their own OS?
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  I can't remember anymore. Does the GW run on android or their own OS?

Their own proprietary OS that is optimized just for audio and UI. 
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Haven't had any updates on the OS in a while, but at one point they were saying the Source is close to being released (but, no recent news on that front), it is supposed to use the same OS as the Wave.
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Haven't heard that it is actually live in the real world, but I could be wrong here...
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I think I'll just buy Chord Mojo and sell my Wave X 128 if I ever receive it.
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