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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. 329161
    Has anyone tried ifi iematch with this? Does it trigger aux mode and does it improve sound quality
  2. andrewski
    I find triggering aux mode on headphones that don't need it (my case, 1more triple and quad drivers), just puts the noise floor up in your face.
  3. 329161
    This is where the iematch may help because it's designed to minimise noise and hiss.
  4. Caruryn
    Lg V20 cannot touch the ZX2 once you use TRRS,disable sound adjustment and listen to a really detailed iem.The sound is not as nuanced,detailed or layered.Instruments,particularly guitar strings do no sound as realistic and meaty like ZX2,it's more lean sounding and transparency is not up to a high end dap but for a phone it is really impressive.I very much like it with modded se535 and can even drive HD660S adequately but no where near as good as mojo.

    Using it as a source for mojo though is a disappointment..
  5. Mshenay
    Ironically enough Neutron into my GO v2+ is how I run my LG v20 when I want to listen!
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  6. m-i-c-k-e-y
    With the current major update of UAPP (using its Hires Driver) we can now acess directly the DAC bypassing Android. Big props to the developer.
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  7. vladstef
    It's very similar to properly configured Neutron player. These 2 are pretty much the best options currently.
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  8. Signal2Noise
    Agreed. I have actually dropped Neutron in favour of the new & vastly improved UAPP. It has breathed new life into the spectacular 2+ year old V20. I decided to buy the V20 a month ago over the V30 because it was a third of the price and same "quad dac". This just makes it all that much better of a decision.

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  9. SteroidEars
    Is there any portable dac at a budget range that i can stack with my v20 to get an improvement? Using Flc 8s.
  10. Signal2Noise
    Perhaps Dragonfly Red, or Black if you're really on a budget. Red has the edge audio and power-wise but Black I find better on battery charge life.
  11. good sound
    First have you tried tricking your V20 into high impedance mode? I would try that first. Many feel that this significantly improves the sound of the V20.

    It's just that I doubt that either of the Dragonfly's will produce any improvement over the V20 itself as they both use very similar if not identical ESS DAC's and amps.
  12. SteroidEars
    Won't high impedance mode damage my iem of 11ohms?
  13. good sound
    High Impedance mode in and of itself should not damage your IEM's. You will just have to excersize caution with the volume control. Now I don't know but it's possible that with very sensitive IEM's and the combination of high impedance mode there could be some hiss at normal listening levels.
  14. SteroidEars
    Is there any difference between Bit perfect mode in uapp with hifi dac enabled vs poweramp alpha build 703 with hifi dac enabled ?
  15. LightBlue77
    how to activate high-impedance mode? i have H990n version, when i start plug my earphones and start playing, it will automatically activate hifi dac, is there anything else?
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