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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. Zildon

    Hi, thanks for your quick reply. I have checked the the battery stats each time and UAPP shows more percentage than the screen or android system. Thanks for you suggestions about factory resetting and uninstalling and reinstalling all my apps one by one. That would certainly show if UAPP was in conflict with another programme. However, this would take so much time to affect for an app that I am unsure sounds any better than the LG stock app when using the internal quad dacs like I do with this phone. Just was wondering if anyone else experienced the same heat/ battery drain issues. Have uninstalled UAPP now and alternating between LG stock app, poweramp alpha, and player pro; still cant make my mind up!
  2. Budi Setiawan

    Just bought this phone(h990ds). I have read this thread but still have many confusion. Hope you guys can give some answers.
    1. Do i need to root my phone?
    2. Is lg stock music player better than any other players?
    3. When using spotify, does it uses the dac?
    4. When i plug my iem it's show high impedance but my iem is 32 ohm. Is the defect on my phone or my iem? I'm using ath ckx9i.
    5. If the defect on my iem, could you recommend iem that trigger high impedance under 200$ ( mostly listen to folk, tropical house and instrumental sax and piano)

    Really appreciate before.
  3. Plej
    1. You don't need to root your phone
    2. Yes, stock player is the best. You will get the best sound quality without rooting and modifications out of it.
    3. Yes, Spotify will use quad dac as well - just make sure to tick "hifi DAC" in phone settings. But you will get much worse sound quality out of Spotify comparing to Hi-Res audio files played through stock LG app.
    4. "High impedance" mode is not only triggered by earphone impedance but efficiency as well. It doesn't mean that your V20 is broken.
    5. You can trigger high impedance mode on any headphones using simple tricks.
  4. Jesus Follower Daniel S
    I have searched the web, but I can't find how to disable resampling, only how to change the quality. Could you perhaps give me a link that explains how to disable resampling, please?

    Thank you
  5. ljnew
  6. chillaxing
    Sorry for the old quote but i didn't follow this thread till now.

    So the only way to get bit perfect playback for high-res files on a phone is to use the stock player?
  7. artpiggo
    In general, yes. the reason is as you quote.

    By the way, neutron music app is developing how to play bit-perfect on Hi-Res Device.
    http://neutronmp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4014 with this setting, V10,20,30,G6 could be beneficial for real sampling rate playback now. :)
    Bshah and chillaxing like this.
  8. chillaxing
    for the US people using this phone. Does the us996 work on verizon?
  9. vladstef
    I've just tried it and finally... we have the best player for V20 imho. It sounds just like it should now, and the difference is quite big for the regular 44.1 and 48 files compared to other players. For those that don't have it, there is a 5 day trial on play store without limitations as far as I know.
  10. Plej
    How is that possible? I tried neutron and in "Audio Hardware" in settings I can see only 48000 frequency. I still "hear" LG stock app much better when playing good quality 24/192 file through both apps. I'm not rooted thou.
  11. vladstef
    Not rooted either. You have to follow some options in order to see more frequencies, but the best thing is that there is an option to let it adjust based on the file and it does so perfectly (at least how I hear it, a definitive upgrade to most/any players currently).
    You have a forum link in @artpiggo 's post where you have a guideline for turning stuff on/off in "Audio Hardware" in order to utilize Neutron's software and bypass Android's limitations.
    Hopefully Android 8 will fix all of these issues, but it's wishful thinking now that Pixels are removing jacks. At best we can expect Android to utilize bit-perfect digital transfer to external dac and perhaps improve blue tooth but all of the real audiophile stuff will have to happen outside of what Google is doing.
  12. Plej
    Thanks mate, I will try. On my rooted MX4 pro I do have all frequencies in settings and also I know about functionality that will sample quality based on file - it doesn't work on my V20 thou. Anyway - comparing neutron best settings on MX4 pro vs stock LG app on V20 I consider V20 better sounding device - at least on my k702 (i know it's not hifi headphone, I'll try to upgrade it sometime soon :wink: ).
  13. ljnew
    IMHO the Westone UM PRO 5 or 50 aren't good headphones to compare for the v20/v30. Um Pro is colored while the v20/v30 are technical. You really need flat iem to compare like the ath-e70 or other technical monitors. I have the Westones and besides being colored, the treble is recessed and colored.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
  14. ljnew
    I felt the same with high impedence. I tried to force myself to like it but definitely sound as good to me. I just increased the volume on normal mode.
  15. eio
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