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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. Jesus Follower Daniel S
  2. Drewligarchy
    Did you buy it used? I only ask because I feel the battery life is pretty good given other phones I've used. You could try to buy a new battery, in case you got a dud, or buy one of those cases which has a bigger battery. Also - you could always keep a spare.
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  3. bronco1015
    yes, stock cable w integrated mic.
  4. mathe0
    Hi everybody!

    I'm a recent H990DS V20 user. Does anybody know if the new updated Neutron player uses the ES9218 DAC? I'm able to play files with their original frequency and bits, but I'm not sure that the player fully uses the Quad DAC just like the stock player.
    Thanks a lot.
  5. vladstef
    Yes it does. I actually think that most players use quad dac, the only issue had been resampling.
    Anyways, high impedance stuff really shows a massive difference if you turn hifi-dac on/off (talking about playing through Neutron), so it deffinitely works for low impedance as well, just that the difference is more subtle.
  6. tienbasse
    I got a bigger battery for my V10, it is delivered with custom back cases (Perfine 6600 mAh model), and it seems to be very good quality so far, I had it for almost a year, and it's still lasting twice as long as the original battery. It changed my life, since V10/V20 original batteries are pretty much crap. Even non-LG replacement 3000mAh batteries are doing a better job than the original ones...
  7. mathe0
    Thanks for your answer.

    It there a way to know for sure? For example, is Neutron able to display what DAC is being used while playback? I definitely prefer Neutron over the basic and old stock player.
  8. vladstef
    V20 is trying to always use it's ES dac regardless of the audio player, some people said that as soon as you see hifi icon being activated in notifications (that is, status bar), ES dac is activated no matter what and everything goes through it and not snapdragon dac (you can obviously deactivate it and allow only snapdragon dac to be used). I had my doubts as well but I've never tried a player that didn't use ES dac if Hifi dac was enabled. I think that you'd need root to properly monitor exactly what's going on given that anroid is not exactly equipped for this.
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  9. shahkhan
    Hi there, using my RHA Ma750 with lg v20, it does not put in high impedance mode. Can some one please share the trick to force the phone into high impedance mode?? thanks
  10. andrewwardell
    DISCLAIMER: Having pushed most of my 16-ohm IEMs into External Device mode (the medium power level between Normal mode and High Impedance Mode) out of curiosity, I can’t recommend high impedance mode with the MA750 for the sake of your ears. Even in ED mode this phone gets dangerously loud at around 35/75 me.

    Still, if you want to have a go, you will require an impedance adapter (available on Amazon and eBay, several forum users have recommendations which they have already purchased) greater than 50-ohms, that threshold is one of the prerequisites for triggering High Impedance mode. If you’re only trying to drive your MA750 then I’d personally just leave the adapter connected to them and when you plug it in they will always trigger said mode. If you’re planning to chop and change you will also need to purchase a 3.5mm extension cable, connect that to your headphone of choice and then connect those to the impedance adapter and finally put that whole thing into the V20.

    For the record, I respect your right to make your own decisions and trust that you are an adult capable of listening at responsible volumes. Also, the MA750 is one of the great IEMs of all time.
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  11. shahkhan
    Thanks for the quick reply andrew. The volume through my MA750 is enough, but some people said here, that high impedance mode "unearth" sounds, which you have never heard with single dac on, so actually curiosity drives me to drive my 750s in quad dac mode. Is there any other way beside adapter, as its not convenient for me to shop online.
  12. good sound
    Not without rooting the phone. Can't believe that after all this time there is still misunderstanding of how the quad DAC works. High impedance mode and the quad DAC are not mutually exclusive. By this I mean that you do not need the phone to be in high impedance mode to utilize the quad DAC. Even in normal mode if the hi-fi icon is present at the top of the screen the phone is utilizing the quad DAC.

    I have spent considerable time comparing high impedance mode to normal mode with my Oppo PM-3's and while there is certainly a difference in the sound I definitely do not find that high impedance mode offers superior sound quality. Quite the contrary actually. While high impedance mode does appear to offer additional detail I find it unnaturally bright and lacking in depth. There is a natural warmth to most recorded music and I find high impedance mode masks this warmth and provides artificial detail enhancement at the expense of natural presence and depth. Now, this may be different with other headphones or IEM's but with both my Oppo's and a pair of One More dual driver IEM's the effect is consistent.
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  13. kamiller42
    Looking for a music player. LG's doesn't support ReplayGain and its interface has shortcomings. My use case is listening to music straight out of the phone via the headphone jack, i.e. not using USB DAC.

    What is the best music player alternative, preferably one optimally using the DAC given my use case?

    Here are some I've considered so far:
    1. PowerAmp - Old. Development is very slow. Own and not interested.
    2. Neutron Player - Looks like has options galore. Positive feedback when paired with V20. Interface - Well, not pretty but I don't have to look at too often.
    3. UAPP - Positive feedback when paired with V20. I understand the developer has a V20 and will use ESS' driver. True? Nice UI.

    Primary question: What do you recommend?
    Secondary question: Does your pick or Neutron or UAPP ever go on sale?

    EDIT: I read good things about BubbleUPnP. Supports V20 DAC?
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2017
  14. jt25741
    UAPP for sure. Not sure it will go on sale... but it is a very good value and worth it at list price. Support is the best as well. BubbleUpNp as well as every app that makes any kind of sound, support the V20 DAC. Bubbleupnp will result in resampling most of the time, and wont sound best with V20 DAC. The V20 DAC is always used if the Hi-FI toggle is displayed. It is as simple as that. Now what apps can sound the best with the DAC avoiding some of the deleterious effects of android resampler etc....is where the differences are. Also format support, network support SMB support and things like Tidal too. If you look at all these dimensions I feel that UAPP is the best.
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  15. ljnew
    Agree, But Uapp needs to fix the Tidal skipping issue.
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