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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
  1. eio
    tested with the trial version, doesn't work on V20. does the commercial version behave differently?
  2. artpiggo
    The purchased comfirm worked.

  3. gemmoglock
    Hi everyone, just got a V20 recently. Are you all using Neutron or just the stock app? Do I need to root for Neutron and is it really better than the stock player?

  4. oliwek2
    By the way, how do we delete a post ? I don't see the option in 'edit' mode....
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  5. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Mine is stock LG-H990DS and can confirm.


    1) Generic Driver = ON
    2) Generic Driver -> Hi-Res Codec = ON
    3) Generic Driver -> Hi-Res Speaker = ON
    4) DSP Effect (Device) = OFF
    5) Low Latency = OFF
    6) 32-bit Output (IEEE 754) = OFF

    It seems max is 24 (64 internal)/192.
    Tried playing higher bit rate files (dsd64, dsd128) and it remained at 24/192.
    I can upsample lower rates to 24/192 :
    Follow Source Frequency: OFF
    Frequency: Choose highest supported

    Will try to see when I trigger the Quad DAC option. Will update later...

    Update: Tried high impedance mode, the same. SQ IMO still goes to internal Music Player.
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  6. Drewligarchy
    Quick question: In order to prevent any resampling i am using only the stock player and have converted the bit depth to 44.1/24 bit for all my red book albums on my PC, before loading up my micro SD card. Assuming I am playing only flac, would this ensure no resampling under any circumstances with the LG stock player? if so, this could be somewhat of an elegant solution, as I'm just padding the bit rate and not resampling. Admittedly, it takes up more space though. Phone is not rooted - if it's relevant.
  7. artpiggo
    Quick answer, there would not be any resampling in LG stock app.

    Quick question from me, Could you explain why you convert 16 bit to 24 bit?
    Is it improved for any tangible/objective quality?
  8. Drewligarchy
    It's entirely to prevent the android mixer from resampling. Increasing bit depth will have no positive effect on sound (or negative effect on sound). It won't change the audio of the file at all, whereas resampling can have subjectively positive or negative benefits (in certain cases, depending on the device, upsampling can subjectively sound better through allowing less steep filters). Increasing bit depth is basically just adding 0s to the end of the file. Some devices will increase bit depth on the fly to have more headroom to apply DSPs - specifically digital volume adjustment. In this case - it's just to prevent resampling. For that reason - I just want to make sure it's in fact doing that in all cases. I've read that the android mixer can take over in other apps if you play YouTube or a system sound before or after playing a song.
  9. Drewligarchy
    @artpiggo - how do you like the 64 audio u12? I have an a12 (the custom version), on order and it should be arriving soon. Have you paired it with the v20, and do you like that pairing? What DAP/Phone do you think is it's best match? I've read that it's overly warm with a recessed treble. I don't mind that sound signature in general but it depends on how warm and how recessed the treble is. Do you get at least a tiny bit of treble sparkle? Does it sound congested?What is your overall impression of the u12?
  10. Drewligarchy
    BTW - I am shocked how well this phone drives my LCD3s. I only need the volume at 50-55 max in high impedance mode, the highs are sweet but extended, and the bass is taut and fast with perfect quantity. My ak240 can't drive the LCD3 nearly as well. Yes, you need to jump through some hoops to make it play correctly, but with the removable / replaceable battery you can use it indefinitely as least as a DAP. I have a 400 gb micro sd in - so tons of high res.
  11. artpiggo
    Mine is U12 + Apex M15.
    I like its smooth vocal with an enough bass with little recessed treble. I can easily match it with any sources and still get a good sound at its price without hiss.
    When pairing with V20, I found it a great pairing fulfilling upper mid and treble. I just think that the soundstage dimension and separation is not as good as DAP.
    The best pairing DAP could be OPUS2 and DX200. Best pairing smartphone is vivo xplay6. These three are opening up details with a little more sparkle. and I can enjoy an enormous soundstage as well.

    Overall impression so far is exceptional. I used it for a year now. still a worthwhile UIEM for dollar.
  12. shahkhan
    Got this phone a week ago. Coming from Xperia Z3, SQ on this phone is miles ahead of z3. Battery on lg v20 is disappointing, as its hardly lasts a full day. Can this phone be used as usb dac for laptop etc??
  13. bronco1015
    Sorry for the old quote, but several months back saw on Readit that someone was constantly able to get their V20 in high impedance mode by simply plugging an audio cable in without any gear attached to it. then plugging the headphones in. I've been able to replicate this multiple times with my PM3's. I don't know what exacly triggers this either, because when I plug my Shure SE425s in, High impedance mode kicks in every time; and they're 22 ohms.
    Not rooted also.
    Sidenote, can't believe how well V20 drives my Sennheiser HD800S .
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  14. Paul Oorbeek
    That is strange because with my V20 and PM3 it only trickers the external input and never High impendance. I am using the basic white cable. Are you using the cable with integrated mic and volume?
  15. gemmoglock
    Thank you! I'm on H990DS too :) I will stick to the stock player then. I just hope LG will update the firmware soon.

    I bought the BCK-5200 charging kit with spare battery, works well.

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