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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. suicidal_orange
    What do you feel is wrong with them?  I'm sure someone in this thread will know of a pair which will do your collection justice, would be good to know what you're listening to though as Metal is rather vague (though I'd guess you must have a bit of everything with that much!)
  2. Tom Yum Goong
    Man, this is really impressive.
    I've been listening to Metal for about 12 years now and my glorious collection(FLAC and MP3) is "only" about 120GB big....
    I love my Earsonics for Metal!
    Awesome forward mids, big soundstage and a fast and punchy bass :)
  3. macrocheesium

    Welcome... that's quite a collection! And I thought my 350GB was a lot. Ultrasones do it for me, but I'm not that picky.
  4. Origin89
    There is a pianist by the name Jean-Efflam Bavouzet who does Debussy's complete works for piano. I haven't heard better. He does Ravel as well. 
    This is his complete works for Debussy. One of the best you'll find:
    You can purchase the separate discs as well, if you don't want to fork out that much cabbage. If you choose that route then I'd probably go with disc 3, as it has his Suite bergamasque with the famous Clair de lune:
  5. downsize
    I did not mean to mislead ...  I have a 2TB pocket drive, but not of just Metal. All of my music is on there. But probably 75% of it is indeed Metal. I have always heard Grados to sound somewhat colored in some way, but I would be happy to take another listen. Which model do you feel does best with Metal ?   325is ?
  6. downsize
    Hi S Orange and others ....
    Oh man .... I literally DO have some of everything !  My favorite is probably Megadeth, A7X, Iron Maiden, etc ....
    I have heard certain headphones do fairly well with one certain aspect of the music, but fail somewhere else. To properly reproduce Metal, speed and resolution is king. But most headphones that sound really fast and resolving have tonality issues as well. Guitars should have amazing "crunch", while also being separate from other guitars, and that is something I hardly ever hear headphones do accurately. The music is so fast and complex, resolution usually goes out the window. Bass and drums need to be VERY, VERY clear and with amazing impact. But the two biggest things that I feel is most important, is the ability to place vocals out front and discernable over the double kick and fast riff guitars. And the second thing is finding the right balance between the tonality being fatiguing, and not overly smooth at the same time.
    Basically, to me headphones need to be able to be fast enough, and resolving enough to allow one to be able to hear all of the parts equally, while never becoming harsh and fatiguing.
    I had Ultrasone Pro 900s, and enjoyed their speed, but they had a rather honky sounding midrange to them, which made guitars unbearable.
    My T1s were resolution masters, but were a bit slow and warm sounding on Metal.
    My M50s had AMAZING, AMAZING drums and bass !  But the soundstage was non existant, the mids were somewhat recessed, cymbals sounded harsh, and the sound was dry overall.
    I guess I should also state that I was professionally involved with the original 80s Metal scene, and played in Metal bands all of my life. So my standards are pretty high.
  7. ferday

    I only have the 80i, but I'm so impressed I'm putting off LCD2 in favor of rs1's

    My he400 are better overall cans and wickedly fast and well rounded, but the grados just have an amazing tone to them for guitar based music, and are quite fast and resolved as well. Yes they're coloured, but it just works for metal. IMO ymmv etc.

    I don't understand music in terms of storage LOL
  8. downsize
    I used to sell the higher end Grados, as well as the 60s and 80s. But I never listened to any of the mid-range Grados. I will have to give them another try. From my memory however, I thought the Grado's full and forward midrange made for a slightly congested experience.
    I was right with you on the whole music storage thing until two years ago. Finally a buddy burned my entire collection to a pocket drive, and I have never looked back. Can't tell a difference in SQ from my CDs, and waaay easier to manage. Also allowed me to sell off over $20,000 worth of CD/SACD players.
  9. markm1
    Cool-I came up in the 80's...strictly a fan. You're much more technical than I am, but I have Grado 225i's. I've been happy with them for metal and rock...but they are my only real reference point as my first decent HPs. Although, at a meet, I did enjoy HE500 and LCDs. I'm putting most of my $ in my stereo system, so I've held off on HP upgraditus. And, I do more of my listening through speakers and ATC, prefer listening to speakers. But, I do find my 225's really satisfying....for about $2oo the hit the sweet spot for my first HP purchase. I, also want to hear the the RS1i's...there seems to be a lot of debate if the $700n price tag is worth it, as they be essentially a more refined version of the 80. But, for  a lot of Grado aficionados, they seem to the be holy grail for rock/metal.
    I appreciate the aggressive front and center quality of my 225i's, and they reproduce guitar sounds brilliantly IMO. They lack the refinement and technical abilities of some the aforementioned HPs, but make me feel like I'm stage with the band...aggressive. Some find them fatiguing.
    If I wanted to drop the $, I'd love to have two pairs-RS1i's and maybe HE500. I'm still researching. The Grado 500s sound interesting as well.
  10. Kirnupiima
    Regarding the Grado talk, I have a used demo pair of 225is for sale. PM if interested!
    It's funny markm1 you liked the Debussy piece! I like his work really much too though haven't really gotten into deeper ground yet. There's something about raw power and beauty in it that I associate much of black metal with. Dunno where that actually comes from but this is how I feel. Comes closest to the output of Circle of Ouroborus' material maybe. My personal favourite. Can't listen to them too much, the magic might fade away and that's a risk I'm not willing to take [​IMG]
  11. SoupRKnowva
  12. Trogdor
  13. Redcarmoose
  14. markm1
    Excellent. I just ordered a dark ambient CD one of the posters on this thread turned me onto-Kammarheit-that I'm looking foreward to. It defnitely has a black metal feel without the metal if that makes any sense. All atmosphere. I dig it.
  15. downsize
    Uhh ... Someone just contacted me and asked if I would be willing to sell my music collection, if they sent me a hard drive. Is this even legal ?  While I did buy the music, it really is not my place to take money from musician's pockets. Any thoughts here ?
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