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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. markm1
    Two great releases from great bands....lead me to a 70's prog binge...Yes, King Crimson, digging Jefferson Airplane....you can really see the influence of 70's prog on such aforementioned bands.
    I’m working my way backwards. Opeth-Enslaved-Steven Wilson-Floyd/Yes…it’s all backwards man! What's next? Vivaldi?
  2. Kirnupiima

  3. wrathzombie

    Guys, this is out of context. This song is from a sad Bollywood movie but I just love the female vocals in this song. This song goes to everyone who keeps the metal thread alive.
  4. markm1
    So tasteful.....sweet....now I need to put on some utter filth...shouldn't be hard given my collection.
    Actually-that was very nice.
  5. ferday
    my bad, friend....i'm 1000km away from my music collection right now LOL and the internet isn't good enough to get on my server
    will get on it as soon as i can ha ha
    off the top of my head some drone stuff like nadja, hjarnidaudi would be similar, but heavier
    i have a huge ambient collection but the majority of ambient is electronic based, not fuzzed out guitar drone like Impale Golden...probably looking more into really drone post-rock stuff.  i have a huge post rock collection as well, but the problem with drone stuff is it's really hard to remember names since it can all sound pretty similar in the end
  6. wrathzombie
    Sorry my friend. Mr Ferday. The song posted earlier was for you too. Its from a bad Bollywood movie. But as I said, I am a sucker for good female vocals.. take your time. Its cool. I have been able to find more stuff through internet search, like  Sailors with Wax Wings, Planning For Burial, Nadja, Mammifer, Pyramids, 

  7. keepitsimple
    I have this.Its very good and an underground gem.
  8. Trogdor

    An I shall write about it! :)
  9. Redcarmoose

    Well, the prejudices was that is was some kind of cheesy Viking Metal, ............and it kinda is Viking Metal but not cheesy at all. It's really in it's own genre.

    Amazing to read someone finally has Ghost Reveries on vinyl. I purchased it when it came out in the vinyl section of Hot Topic fully surrounded by goth mall rats with pink sprayed hair.
  10. markm1
    Kind of bored at work...
    I noticed on Allmusic's home page-editor's choice-selection's for September 2013-they listed Carcass-Surgical Steal. Pretty surprised. They don't list much metal at all on thier editor or critics picks.
    In fact, out of about 80 releases, about the only other artist I recognize that I would even catogorize as Rock were new releases from Windhand-Soma who I've seen written up on metal blogs, NIN, Elvis Costello, Greatful Dead, Nirvana's In Utero remaster. I'm sure there were a couple of others from artists that I'm not familiar with.....
  11. Redcarmoose
    New full dynamic range Covenant vinyl LP released by Morbid Angle.
  12. downsize
    All Hail the Metal !  LOL
    I have a pretty extensive collection of Metal. All of it is on a 2TB USB Pocket drive. And all of it is burned in FLAC. I sure wish it were easy to list, but it is fairly extensive. When I pull up J-River and push "play",the data says it will play non-stop for 76 days, without ever playing the same song twice.  I have went through countless headphones, and still have not heard Metal reproduced as it should be on headphones. Audio guris claim Classical is the most difficult to accurately reproduce, but Metal has proven to be MUCH more difficult. time and again ! I will try and post a list of my collection in the next few days.
  13. Origin89
    I love Debussy. Ravel is pretty sweet as well. It's been said that they're responsible for being the catalyst of contemporary music.
  14. markm1
    Do you recommend any particular recording as a starting point?
  15. ferday

    You have 2TB of just metal? Holy crap I thought I had a fair amount

    IMO my grados are the best at making metal sound awesome, but everyone has their own tastes...
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