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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
  1. Redcarmoose
  2. Hyperfluxe

    Bumping this thread, can't let it die. New Kalmah is sweet.
  3. Kundi
    This thread will never die..
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  4. emptymt
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  5. vipervick
    Nice, I have the vinyl of Emergence. Great band!
  6. wrathzombie
    Two albums which I feel were underappreciated are:

    Galaktikon 2 and Great is our sin.

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  7. DMCrimson

    Pity they don't play live...
  8. tkcha
    Hey long time no see, My Fellow Metal Heads. I was away from cold Canada for 12 days in Cuba. Nice weather all the time got nice sun tan, lot of Rum and Cigar with my 3 of high school mates from 1984 class. So now got back and some metal time. In Flames ,Whoracle(1997), Colony(1999) My 2 favorite In Flames Albums.[​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. fourrobert13
  10. raccoon city
    I should get back into metal.
    I used to listen to Metallica back in the day, but haven't listened to much metal since.
  11. Hyperfluxe
    This thread sucks now. Discovered so much good music from this thread last year (Forteresse and Mgla are notable ones). Reddit is better now.
  12. SomeGuyDude
    Well damn now you hurt our feelings. No please. Don't go. Stay. We care so much about you.

    Wait, I have an idea. Instead of bitching that other people aren't finding good music for you, maybe you should actually contribute and find music for other people to enjoy.
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  13. DMCrimson
    Well, I'd say you should try and follow few related YouTube-channels... (Atmospheric Black Metal Albums for one) and keep your mind open, make this thread worthy again :D MGLA is definitely on my player constantly, WHTN VII is just awesome.
  14. taffy2207
    Can't stop playing this :confounded:

    Last edited: May 12, 2018
  15. DMCrimson

    I'm not that much into Death Metal myself, but the way death took one close to my friends, I find this playing quite often. Gaze into Abyss!

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