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Legendary synergy?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by oldskool, Feb 4, 2012.
  1. OldSkool
    Schiit Mjolnir+T1?  Seems a few guys are going ape schiit over this pairing.
    Ok, ok... I'll stop now with the schiity jokes [​IMG]
  2. ardilla
    Leben CS300XS and LCD-3
    Auralic Taurus and HE-500
    ...or vice versa, actually. 
    WA22 and Q701 - or LCD-3. 
    HD650 and Mjonir - or WA2- very different (fast vs smooth)
    just to name to first that came to my mind...
  3. Dubstep Girl
    WA6-SE + K/Q701 or LCD-2
    GSX MK2 and LCD-3 
  4. jibzilla
  5. Tony1110
    Burson Soloist + HE-500... although not everybody agrees.
  6. audionewbi

    hfi780+627x, scales up so much.
  7. jibzilla
  8. Dubstep Girl
    HE-500 and Allnic HPA-5000
  9. jibzilla
  10. Tony1110

    I don't think many people are ever likely to hear that combination :)
  11. Tony1110
    Burson Conductor and LCD-XC. WOW!
  12. whirlwind
    Hey Dubstep...am I reading this right......would the WA6 and the Q701 be a fantastic match.........Is it the WA6 and the WA6 SE
  13. OldSkool
    Reviving an old thread to add the LCD-2 and Mjolnir balanced amp. Excellent synergy.

    Lots of newer amps and 'phones out now. Any other great pairings?
  14. JTori
    Good thread, and thanks for reviving it. My thoughts:
    • Bottlehead Crack/Speedball, 6H13C "Winged C" + Sylvania 12AU7WA with ZMF Auteur -- While the Bottlehead mates beautifully with Sennheiser's HD600, the Crack/Auteur pairing is just magical!
    • Astell&Kern A&Norma SR15 driving Astell&Kern Beyerdynamic Special Edition T5P Gen. 2 via balanced output -- This pairing is exceptional. It is clear great care was taken in by the collaborators in voicing the headphones to the sound signature of AK DAPs. I can only imagine how the phones will sound with one of AK's higher-line DAPs.
    OldSkool likes this.
  15. SilverEars
    Agreed with previous poster regarding HD600 and Bottlehead Crack w/Speedball combo. It's like the Crack w/Speedball was made for HD600 (was it?).
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2019
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