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La Figaro 339

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by cal8949, Jul 15, 2010.
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  1. Mizicke5273
    Thank you for adding these to the site. It is much more convenient.
  2. MJS242
    Thought I'd provide some updated pics on my custom build now that it's complete.







    I'll post some more pics after I receive it. @xmdkq did an awesome job despite some health issues and challenges I created from the parts I selected. I can't t thank him enough! My signal cable was actually too thick so he had to use the stock cable. Eventually I'll find something thinner and replace it. I was thinking of trying to get instructions from him on how to convert a 6J4P/6SJ7 amp to a 6C5/6J5 amp. I don't think it's that difficult and may be of interest to some people with the 6J4P version.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2018
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  3. MJS242
    Should have tagged those interested the first time:

    @Mizicke5273 (EF86, EF80 - two pairs each, USA)
    @maximus69 (EF86, EF80 - one pair each, USA)
    @Josh76 (EF86, EF80 - one pair each, USA)
    @elNan (EF86, EF80 - one pair each, USA)
    @danniveng (EF86, EF80 - one pair each, Denmark)
    @flac4me (EF86, EF80 - one pair each, USA)
    @UntilThen (EF86, EF80 - one pair each, Australia)
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  4. MJS242
    You were the first to order and it looks like you'll be getting them pretty quick. Here are some pics:






    The adapters use materials from 1970s military arms factories and sourcing the materials is a little bit difficult. Work on other orders will start soon.
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  5. Mizicke5273
    So my two Thomson 6080 Power Tubes seemed to have stopped working; I get no sound at my normal setting for the volume knobs and faintly at close to max. I tried my RCA 6AS7G and they work fine. So what happened to my Thomsons?

    It started after I powered off the amp to swap out some EF80 tubes, which had some noise, and when I powered the amp up; no sound. The amp was only on initially for less than 5 minutes, so it was not fully warmed up and I waited a minute or two before powering it back on. I think I may have powered it off with my headphones connected and without turning the volume knobs to min.

    Any thoughts on what happened? If it is caused by something I did, I'd like to learn from this and not risk more expensive tubes suffering the same; or worse the amp and headphones.
  6. xmdkq
    Always replace the earphones and observe that the machine is working properly before connecting the headphones
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2018
  7. xmdkq
    Always replace the earphones and observe that the machine is working properly before connecting the headphones
  8. wwmhf
    Totally agree!!! This is a critical advice, we all please take it seriously.

    Here is what I do when exchange tubes (I learnt it by a hard way ...):

    1. Turn off the amp, and wait for a couple of minutes
    2. Unplug the phones
    3. Take the tubes out, then put the tubes in
    4. Turn on the amp without any phones plug in
    5. Plug in a pair of disposable phone in, but make sure not to ware them on your ears
    6. If nothing unusual, then listen to the disposable phones to see how them sound, any noise, popping sound ...
    7. If nothing unusual, then plug in your good phones and taste the new tubes...
  9. bobbyblack
    Sorry Mizicke for your problem,i have no ideea what happened but i hope the amp is working ok.I always let the amp at least 15 minutes to warm up and connect the headphones after that with the volumes at minimum.When you powered off probably something happened because i’m pretty sure the headphones need to be disconnected with volume knobs at min.
  10. bobbyblack
    I want to post some impressions about this amp because when i got it(2 months ago) my only headphones were Sennheiser HD800S and after alot of tests my conclusion was that the sound was quite good except the low frequencies that have been exaggerated and wooly no matter what tubes i used which was of course unacceptable.After that i sold HD800S’s and tested the usually suspects:Sennheiser HD650/HD800,Hifiman HE500,Beyerdynamic T1 and even the AKG K1000 and after many listening sessions the conclusions were:

    Akg K1000-as you guess not enough power to drive them but the sound was not totally off and i was able to discern a little of their potential.
    Hifiman HE500-this test was not fair because my friend had only some leather Alpha pads on them and the sound was somehow veiled but otherwise good dynamics and bass.I’m pretty sure that with the stock velour the sound would have been v.good,i had HE500 before the HD800S on 2 ss amps and no such thing like veil.
    Sennheiser HD650-fantastic combo,very full sound,good dynamics,excellent stage,probably the best i heard the Sennheiser’s,but there was only one thing missing:the clarity i was accustomed to at T1 and HD800S.
    Winners:T1 and HD800,both sounds very good ,the mids are brought in front,textured(best quality of the amp in my view),nice detail and sparkle on highs and the bass are now tight and punchy with good detail also.Finally i opted for HD800 (even if they remain a little bit sibilant-i’m gonna try sdr mod for sure)because i think i like their sound better but i could be just as pleased with the T1.
    The conclusion is that i love the amp,his warm and friendly character ,probably the best purchase that i’ve ever done and he will stay with me for a very long time and let’s not forget the best feature of the amp,the dual volume control:v::ksc75smile:.
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  11. wwmhf
    Thank you for sharing you experience with us. I have tried the T1 on this amp, and I plan to try the HD800 in the future soon.
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  12. Josh76
    A couple months ago I spent around 2 hours comparing the 800 vs 800S vs 820 in the Sennheiser store in SF. Fortunately they were very nice and patient. :) The bass for the 800S sounded off to me using both of their dac/amps which are tuned for these. The 820 was even worse, acoustic instruments sounded off too. I ended up going with the original 800 and added the SDR mod and it's been great.

    That was my long-winded way of saying I agree with your impression of the 800S and I don't think it's related to the La Figaro, the amp simply reveals the deficiencies. Strikes me as odd how the more expensive 8XX's get worse and worse.
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  13. sup27606
    Which tube combination you settled for at the end for the HD800? For me, I prefer the Tung Sol 5998 as power tubes because they give the best soundstage and instrument separation in my opinion, while the driver tubes are a tie between 6sj7wgt and RCA 5693. 6sj7wgt has more sparkle in the highs and I like them for classical, whereas 5693 has more warmth and works well with vocals, but I find the soundstage shrinks and flattens a little compared to 6sj7wgt. This is all relative to the HD800 with the SDR mod. At the end, I applied a eq to boost the tapering low end, and slight elevation of frequencies between 2-4 KHz and really enjoy the setup with LA Figaro 339. However, I sometimes feel a need for faster transients, since a solid state amp like Jotunheim produces these slightly better. However, La Figaro is far better than Jotunheim in terms of detail retrieval.

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  14. sup27606
    I tried the HD800S with the Woo Audio fireflies and didn't like the bass. More presence but less texture and definition. I like the HD800 bass better provided there is eq applied. The bass details are well articulated.
  15. bobbyblack
    Hi,i bought my tubes before the amplifier arrives so my ‘’collection’’ it’s not that great and after that my first goal was to find the headphones for him.I have for output RCA 6AS7GA ,Mullard 6080 and for input i went with EF86+adaptor-Mullard,Valvo,RFT+Tesla EF806s.Right now that my system is complete i have the time and i want to try all the possible combinations of tubes.
    From what i have i like the best Mullard 6080+Tesla EF806s and RCA 6AS7GA+Mullard/Valvo EF86.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2018
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