KOJO KM01-BRASS : With a (32Ω) 20mW +20 mW impression and appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by rudi0504, Feb 6, 2013.
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  1. che15
    DX90- cable pro reverie mini to mini-Kojo brass- DT1350 with t51 pads
    A match made in heaven, talk about synergy
  2. Joe-Siow
    Reluctantly listed my Kojo for sale due to gross under utilization. Anyone interested, please feel free to PM me.
  3. mysony1

    May I know the feedback from you on the Kojo brass?

    I am intend to get a second hand Kojo to pair with my ak380.
  4. raypin
    mmm.....sorry but the seller backed out. Still looking for another unit.
  5. audio123
  6. che15
    I simply love this amp, one of the few audio pieces I will never sell!
  7. muah
    Super agree!!!
  8. paijo
    there are so many good impression about this amp. wondering how the looks of the inside of this little amp.
  9. audio123
  10. ExpiredLabel
    Anyone happen to know where I could scoop one up?
  11. audio123

  12. che15
    II have to bite my tongue, I am selling mine because I just take my mojo everywhere I go.
    Any interested Buyers please send me a pm.
  13. mysony1

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  14. mysony1
    Kojo brass Re issue 88 units


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  15. mysony1
    Sound superb all I can said is I like it very much :grin:

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