KOJO KM01-BRASS : With a (32Ω) 20mW +20 mW impression and appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by rudi0504, Feb 6, 2013.
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  1. rudi0504
    Hi all 
    i want share limited edition brass portable amp from Japan : 
    the designer use shaved and Zushiri of brass , it is also effective to suppress the vibration quality. There is a goal has not been subjected to anti-corrosion treatment the surface,
    so that that one of the own flavor of the original with that knock down. 
    Please see more information below :


    Now accepting us! Limited production vehicles will be released in early February 300!
    With a (32Ω) 20mW +20 mW output, portable headphone amplifier that operates with one AAA battery. 
    325g body was shaved and Zushiri of brass, it is also effective to suppress the vibration quality. There is a goal has not been subjected to anti-corrosion treatment the surface, so that that one of the own flavor of the original with that knock down. 
    Dedicated volume knob combination switch products, (uneven jagged fine) knurled precision instrument that has been widely used in the past which has been subjected to take part of the finger is matched with brass body. 
    The Motaseru sufficient capacity electrolytic capacitor, and improved the driving force of the mid and low-frequency drive is a weakness of the battery in the power supply. Low-voltage operational amplifier, to the subsequent stage diamond buffer circuit arranged in front, with the aim to reproduce the utilizing the best of both worlds "sound that is clear and realistic." 
    Analog stereo mini jack × 1: Main specifications ● Input terminal 
    ● Output Terminals: Headphone Stereo mini jack × 1 
    ● Recommended Load Impedance:? 16 300Ω 
    ● Frequency characteristic: 10Hz-100kHz 
    ● Rated output: 20mW +20 mW (load 32Ω) 
    ● Power supply: (alkaline, rechargeable battery) × 1 AAA batteries 
    ● Continuous operation time: (. Varies depending on usage conditions) about 14 hours 
    ● Size: W57mm × D53mm × H19mm (excluding protrusions) 
    ● Weight: 325g approximately
  2. audionewbi
    1 AAA battery but than on the other hand cost 900 USD
  3. rudi0504

    Yes you are right
    We save money for battery , but spend more money for the amp :D
  4. rudi0504
    Hi Spkrs01

    Please share your impression from your new Ko Bo Amp
  5. fhuang
    i saw the amp, didnt' get a chance to listen to it.  it's beautiful.  but it's heavy.  and it IS heavy. 
  6. DTKZ
    Just got the Kojo KM01-Brass and I thought I'd share some pics.
  7. rudi0504
    Congrats for your new Kojo amp
    I haven't heard Kojo or kobo
    I wish one day i can have one from these beautiful amps
    Please share your impression here
    Thank you
  8. DTKZ
    Well, firstly, despite what some online stores are selling it for, you don't need to pay USD $900 for it. I got mine for about USD $700. For anyone considering this amp, it pays to look around a bit more rather than just settling on the first result in google.
    It sounds really good. A completely black background with custom IEMs and capable of powering my Fostex T50RP (not necessarily the best of my heaphones, but certainly the hardest to drive) quite comfortably. A pretty big soundstage and extremely clear and detailed. It's fast and keeps up with complex passages in music as well. Quite frankly, I'm amazed by it considering that it's slightly smaller than a pack of cigarettes and powered by a AAA. Fits my needs perfectly since most of the higher end amps are not something you can stick in your pocket.
  9. rudi0504
    Thank you DTKZ

    Now I got my Ko Jo KM 01 as well

    Tonight I will sharing some pictures and out the box impression

    During audition at Jaben STC Store Jakarta :




  10. rudi0504
    Sorry double post
  11. audionewbi
    Hehe Mr Rudi I knew this was going to happen sooner or later, congrats. When did you order the Mass Kobo? 

    Please let us know how you like the Kojo amp, I for one would love to see how it compares against MHd-Q7.
  12. rudi0504

    Thank You Moe

    I have Wagnus Epsilon S
    kobo 385 sound signature is more or less like my Wagnus Epsilon S
    Wagnus Epsilon S is better in term of :
    soundstage , deeper bass , faster speed and more balance SQ

    Ko Jo KM -01 vs Ortofon MHd - Q 7
    Ko Jo KM - 01 win in all territory :D

    High : very clean , clear , smooth sounding high and detail
    Mid : more clear and clean and more sweet
    Bass : better bass definition and better bass detail , very clean bass reproduction.
    Soundstage : on par
    Separation : is better and teller
    Noise : very low noise , very black background , the best noise floor I ever heard

    Overall : SQ so intimate like the singer sing in front of you :D
    Is it very good for long listening during oversea trip
    If not my wife call me , I do not want take out my iem from my ears :D

    Highly recommendation and very limited only 300 pcs

    Minus : Brass is very easy to scratch
    and heavy 325 g for small amp

    The rest is as my two best amps with my Wagnus Epsilon S
  13. rudi0504
    Out the box pictures :






  14. DTKZ
    Hi Rudi. Nice to see you join the ranks of KM01-Brass owners. It is a pretty amazing amp, eh? You see what I mean by a black background with customs? I wouldn't have called any of my previous amps noisy... However, the first time you listen to the KM01 and it dawns on you how easy it is to pick out details is a revelation.
    I wouldn't worry too much about how prone it is to scratches. The reason being that it's supposed to tarnish and develop it's own look after some time, so it won't always be so shiny. Although if you want to keep it in its current bright and shiny state, you should probably think about applying some lacquer.
  15. rudi0504

    Thank you Damien
    This Ko Jo KM 01 amp is beautiful out site and has inner beauty as well in SQ :D
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