1. amateuraudio

    Centrance Hi-Fi M8 vs Kojo KM-01

    Hi, i've been contemplating between the centrance Hi-Fi M8 and the Kojo KM-01, I want a portable amp that has clarity and wider stage sound.. may i know which is more suitable for that application? Please advise:)
  2. rudi0504

    KOJO KM01-BRASS : With a (32Ω) 20mW +20 mW impression and appreciation thread

    Hi all    i want share limited edition brass portable amp from Japan :    KOJO KM01-BRASS    the designer use shaved and Zushiri of brass , it is also effective to suppress the vibration quality. There is a goal has not been subjected to anti-corrosion treatment the surface, so that...
  3. Kojo Km01-brass Portable Headphone Amplifier

    Kojo Km01-brass Portable Headphone Amplifier

    We have adopted a weight grade material which has begun to reduce from the brass block to the body. While portable headphone amplifier, by weight class model of about 325g weight, I have to finish "or glitter Biya in heavy" sound. Place the dial of large power switch and volume in the main body...