KOJO KM01-BRASS : With a (32Ω) 20mW +20 mW impression and appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by rudi0504, Feb 6, 2013.
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  1. muah
    My daily ride jig!

    Can't believe I didn't audition this amp earlier, as mentioned, the separation and the controlled bass, ahhhhh... the bass.

  2. HiFlight
    The Kojo is indeed a splendid instrument! One of my most treasured audio possessions.
  3. WCDchee
    In case anyone wants to get their hands on one, i have put mine up on sale :)
  4. APaudio
  5. Joe-Siow
    Serial number 030/300 reporting!
    What a gem of an amp this little bugger is. And I'm not even into stack-fi anymore. Still couldn't resist its sweet signature in the end.
  6. HiFlight

    Welcome to the club!!! The Kojo is truly something special! The more I listen, the more impressed I become.
  7. mashiron93
    47/300 here!!
     Even though it is really heavy despite the small size, I love how it sounds when paired with my TG!334. Really impressed
  8. HiFlight

    Amazing that such great sound can come from one tiny AAA battery!
  9. mashiron93

    At first somehow I feel hesitated because it's only using one small battery. But after I had it,  my opinion against the power was neglected and I can't stop to love it.
  10. mysony1
  11. mysony1


    Can anyone tell me where can I buy this Kojo amp in Hong Kong?
  12. raypin
    mmm......fellow headfier wants to sell his Ko Jo Brass 01  amp to me. I'm really tempted after backreading the entire thread. My question is: how is the build quality? Any issues or design defects that I should be aware of since the amp is pre-owned? tia. 
  13. HiFlight

    The build quality is excellent with the case carved from a block of brass. The battery access hatch is easily removed but care should be used when replacing the battery as it is a tight fit in the holder. Long fingernails are a big help.

    As the brass case is a relatively soft material, it is easily scratched. There is no lacquer used as a protective coating to prevent tarnish, so if you want to maintain the bright polished finish, it will require maintenance with a non-abrasive metal polish.

    I have had no funtional issues at all with mine but have so far resisted the temptation to remove the bottom cover to examine the innards.

    All that said, the sound is absolutely beautiful. I usually get about 12-14 hours of play time from one alkaline AAA cell.

    Hope this helps.
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  14. singleended58
    Nice and excellent SQ (warm and sweet) little amp. The only downside is heavy and you have to keep it shiny all the time.
    Using Sanyo ENO rechargeable battery makes the sound better.
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  15. raypin
    mmm....thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated. I'm not really OC with superficial scratches (although I always handle my headfi gear with due care). I don't think I can pass on the offer (about usd500.00, negotiable)  since this amp is very rare.
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