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Kogan 8GB MP4 - The Player That Came From Nowhere:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by h20fidelity, Aug 16, 2014.
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  1. Saoshyant
    @Wokei Have you been looking into the Benjie K9?  I'm curious how it'll fair against the Kogan and similar at it's price.  Seems to offer a lot for very little cost.
  2. Wokei

    Benjie...looks good but don't seem to generating any review AFAIK...with the new Fiio M3 and budget price Xduoo hogging the limelight....Kogan is the anomaly ..lol..too bad mine is already kaput
  3. ozkan

    Don't worry @Wokei. I'm sending you one tomorrow bro :wink:
    Wokei likes this.
  4. Wokei
    I did tried to search for this Ritmix locally and in AliExpress ...futile though...just like Logan ..Ritmix is also like a protected species ...remember so many wanted to get the Kogan but cant
  5. batteraziiz

    If you're interested, I have both a Ritmix and a Kogan sitting in a drawer loose at my home. I would be happy to sell them, drop me a PM. They don't get used. I'd rather they go to a good home.
  6. Sulbh
    can you compare these?
  7. ozkan
    I think the parcel I've sent to @Onix is lost during transportation. :frowning2: The tracking information hasn't been updated since July 7th.
  8. batteraziiz

    I'm horrible at reviews and comparisons. They're very very similar.
  9. Onix
    Dang. Sad news for the day. Sorry Ozkan. Mexican mail is a hit or miss affair I guess.
  10. ozkan

    Have you received your parcel mate?
  11. Lad3
    Got my $50 Basic M90 in from Asia. The incredibly weightless build and retro UI live up to the frustrations spoken here ...and the screen already has a washed- out line of pixels :wink:

    But plug in my VE Monk 2 and tweak the bottom end and vocals by setting the EQ to the "Pop" without affecting the high end. The sound is wonderful and I can reduce the total volume back. (For as long as the rickety unit holds together!) Definitely "hearing new stuff" in the tracks.

    If only someone could manage to transplant the M90's DAC into my relatively sturdier (and infinitely more practical) Zip Clip...that would be the ultimate Big Sound in a tiny package.
  12. Onix
    Thanks to Ozkan, this baby arrived to Mexico after a short trip to Brazil for some unfatomed reason. It has a nice bottom and a lot of space. I don't think its very similar to the Kogan in terms of resolution, but it is very nice. Also, the screen is hughe and amazingly clear. You can curtomize the background, I played tome ogg files and it had some hiccups, but it is an amazing player. Thanks again @ozkan. It is great mate.
  13. ozkan

    Glad to hear that you finally got it mate. Btw, did you take the pictures with your Kogan player? :p I cannot see the player and it is more of a VGA quality. :D
  14. Onix
    Nope mate. I used my phone but did not used the flash. Better pictures are coming soon.
  15. Wokei
    Can't wait for better pic of this player Onix
    Onix likes this.
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