Known bugs/issues with latest X7 firmware

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by csglinux, Oct 28, 2016.
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  1. RuFrost
    I use my X7 just as usual player to listen music on the standard Fiio Music player. On 3.3.2 it works well, no bugs detected. Blue theme is the fastest, 2 others are very beautiful, but are slower a little bit. I will recommend to all who use Fiio x7 as a DAP to upgrade to the last version of FW.
  2. csglinux
    Anybody that uses Tidal will want to hold off on updating.
  3. harpo1
    Tidal has issues on all versions of the firmware.
  4. csglinux
    Perhaps I've just been lucky, but Tidal had been working perfectly for me up until FW 3.3.2. On 3.3.2, even offline playback didn't work properly :frowning2: I'm now back on 3.3.0 and everything is happy again :)
  5. csglinux
    The X7 is now at FW3.3.4. Here are the list of new features/fixes from FiiO:

    1. Added new feature of displaying album arts in large icons in the Album view menu (it will be the default display after upgrade, and you can switch the display by clicking the More Functions "…" icon, then clicking the first option in the pop-up tool bar);
    2. Added fast forward and rewind control by holding the side buttons (Prev & Next);
    3. Added function to jump to the album or artist of the current playing track (click the "…" icon in the Now Playing menu to use this function);
    4. Fixed issue where the player might stutter after enabling the ViPER Effect;
    5. Fixed issue where the jump through folder function would not work when playing cue tracks in Shuffle mode;
    6. Fixed the abnormal scanning issue for some certain tracks;
    7. Fixed issue where the player sometimes might falsely detect an OTA firmware update;
    8. Miscellaneous bug fixes.

    I'm relying on you folks to report any fixes or issues, because I have no current plan to upgrade from FW 3.3.0. The last time I tried updating, Tidal stopped working and restoring back to a lower FW is too time consuming. I really have no issues with FW 3.3.0, but I'd love to hear your feedback on FW3.3.4...
  6. Music Enthusiast

    So regarding FW 3.3.4 bugs: +1 vote for the following:

    Slow file-transfer speed when using the internal memory,

    FiiO music app can freeze or exit abnormally and

    At the start of a new playback, the X7 skips roughly the first second of the track.

    In addition to these 3 known bugs I am also experiencing:

    slow scanning of SD cards and also broken playback/cracking at the start of some tracks.

    For info: I am using the latest Fiio Music player 3.4.1
  7. csglinux
    Thanks so much for your feedback, @Music Enthusiast! I've tallied your votes for the existing items. As for your new bugs - can I ask: 1) What type (brand and size) of SD card are you using? I've found huge differences in performance, especially when cheaper, lower-capacity cards start to get near their storage limit. This may not (necessarily) be a bug in the X7 firmware. 2) Can you pm me a track that exhibits broken playback/cracking? The only time I've experienced things like this have been with corrupted files (usually the CD rip had some errors that needed fixing with Accurip). Again, I'd just like to confirm this is definitely a problem with the firmware before adding it to the list.
  8. Music Enthusiast
    Hi Csglinux, Thanks for your help. The SD card I'm using is a 64gb Samsung Evo Class 10. It scans (with the same files) fine/quickly in my other DAPS (IBasso Dx90, Fiio X5ii, Fiio X3ii, Fiio X3iii, Cayin N3, Shanling M3s) It's only slow in the X7. Regarding the broken/cracking tracks - after I reset the database and rescanned - slowly again :frowning2: - they seem to be behaving, for the moment. The known skipping of the first second of new playbacks is very annoying. Did you find any way to solve this? Does it happen on earlier firmwares?
  9. csglinux
    As far as I can remember, the skipping of the first second or two of a track has been an issue from day 1. It's a problem on the X7ii also. I'm afraid I don't have a solution for it.
  10. RuFrost
    I recently bought iDSD micro BL and it has the same issue. Though, I'm talking about external DAC mode. That makes me think that it is impossible to have external DAC being connected to PC work properly.
  11. Music Enthusiast
    I got this reply from Fiio regarding this 'Kindly note that when the player wakes up from sleep, it will take some time for the amp module to be reactivated (it's set to hibernate in sleep mode to save power), so the begining of the track may not be heard in this case'.

    To be honest this is not a very helpful response from Fiio as this fading in for a second or so / or missing first second at the start of some tracks also happens when the player has not been sleeping/hibernating at all.

    I think that a new FW is really vital. This wasn't a cheap player and I think that owners should at least expect basic playback to work without flaws.

    One other issue (of many!) that I have with my Fiio X7 (FW 3.3.4 / Fiio Music app 3.4.1) is that the quick A-Z alphabetical scrolling (with the little letters) feature only works properly in song, artist and genre category..but, strangely, not in album category. where it often this normal? What is other people's experience of this?
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  12. csglinux
    ...and we're now up to firmware 3.3.5, which brings the following changes (relative to 3.3.4):

    1. Added USB Audio output function (the output is in DoP by default; if your DAC does not support DSD decoding, please switch from DoP to D2P in FiiO Music settings);
    2. Added "Enter Now Playing after play" option (can be set in FiiO Music settings; when the option enabled, the app will automatically enter the Now Playing menu after clicking a song to play);
    3. Fixed issue where some FLAC tracks might stutter when the ViPER Effect was turned on;
    4. Fixed issue where the embedded album art could not be displayed for some WMA tracks;
    5. Fixed issue where the fast search bar in the Folder View menu might disappear in a few cases;
    6. Fixed issue where the sound was abnormal or there was no output when playing DSD tracks via Bluetooth;
    7. Fixed issue where the Settings would stop working when entering "Settings->Storage->NAND FLASH->Total space->Downloads";
    8. Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

    Please let us have your feedback! Did this fix any previously-listed issues? Did it create new ones??
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