Known bugs/issues with latest X7 firmware

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by csglinux, Oct 28, 2016.
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  1. csglinux

    Can anybody with an RM1 confirm?
  2. peter1480

    No, I've just tried mine it (I'm on the most up-to-date FW)[​IMG]
  3. ddtdave
    Ok thanks Peter
  4. ddtdave
    I can confirm that latest version still has the screen issue.... When the screen sleeps so does the music. I keep my screen on at all times to combat this but it drains the battery quicker.
    Also no way of linking with Rm1 and I have tried everything.
    These are the only 2 problems that impact me... I have expressed these for many months now is there any potential fixes coming in?
  5. csglinux
    FW 3.2.0beta is out! Many thanks for @CH23 for the correct download link:
    This firmware has the following additions/fixes:
    1.Added SPDIF out settings for DoP/D2P switch (under Settings->Audio settings);
    2.Added sorting tracks by date added in the playlist;
    3.Improved the Search function (now when clicking on an album/artist in the search result list, it will take you directly to the corresponding album/artist list);
    4.Improved the track loading method in the All Songs list;
    5.Improved the display of long track titles/file names;
    6.Fixed issue where the dynamic wallpaper will be resetted to the default wallpaper after switching from Pure music mode to Android mode;
    7.Fixed issue where some FLAC/AAC tracks were played abnormally;
    8.Fixed issue where the currently played artist/genre would not be highlighted under the Artist/Genre category;
    9.Fixed issue where the Resume function would not work with the iSO tracks;
    10.Fixed issue where the tracks would be played in incorrect order if clicking the Play button beside an artist to play it;
    11.Fixed issue where the embedded album art of the APE track could not be displayed;
    12.Fixed issue where the duration of the APE track was displayed incorrectly.
    13.Miscellaneous bug fixes

    FiiO recommend that when scanning a very large music library, to use the "Scan selected folders" function to do multiple scans for a limited number of songs each time (this seems to help avoid over-running their buffers).
  6. RuFrost
    I have been keeping installing all beta versions.
    I still wait for:
    1) Sometimes Russian symbols\letters to be displayed correctly in Fiio player.
    2) Living wallpapers - still no leafs and smoke which was the best one before beta(( Please, return them and add new.Please.
    3) First couple seconds in DAC regime are "eaten" when first video and audio track is played.
    No other bugs so far. If I found some, will add them here lately.
    Always using X7 through LO with Alo Rx 3 amp. iems= z5+t8ie mkII 
  7. QuadraKev
    It's been working for me, FW 3.20

  8. ddtdave
    Changed the battery and sorted with remote now thanks
  9. csglinux
    Firmware 3.2.1_beta is now released:

    Here are the changes:

    1. Added the Google account settings;
    2. Fixed issue where some third-party apps could not scan for the local music;
    3. Fixed issue where FiiO Music might exit abnormally when auto searching for lyrics and album arts;
    4. Fixed issue where the playback might pause automatically when playing all the songs;
    5. Fixed issue where the Resume play might not work after restarting the player to Pure Music mode;
    6. Miscellaneous bug fixes.

    P.S. FiiO is aware that there are issues with DNLA in this firmware.
  10. RuFrost
    Fiio why almost none of good games work on Fiio X7? (Skyforce, Heartstone, Magic 2015, Ascension , Eathcore: Shattered, Counter-terrorist-SWAT, Dirt Xtreme, Mad Skills Motocross 2, Trial Xtreme 4). (the only games working are simple\primitive and ports from jave: i.e. Gravity Defied). It does not matter how I install it and download it from - through USB or through the Play Market. Installation goes fine, but after pressing play - it simple after couple seconds through the mistake: in "x" programm mistake occured.
    One of the reasons I bought X7 (not AK, Lotto, the Bit, iBasso) is because it has full Android and good hardware. (I do not own any other android device). I know it is a DAP, but with android V5+.
  11. csglinux
    I'm not entirely sure, but I'll take a guess. I think FiiO (like many other DAP manufacturers) have simply chosen to prioritize sound quality above all else. There are several things we take for granted (EQ, replay gain, gapless playback buffers, Android audio engine, etc.) that can potentially degrade audio quality. I suspect many of the stock Android APIs we take for granted on phones and tablets would harm the sound quality. Also, I'm sure 3D graphics drivers weren't a priority for FiiO when designing the X7.

    I did notice that video playback now seems to be working again within Tidal (although it stutters occasionally).
  12. csglinux
  13. ddtdave
    I have updated via OTA... All went smooth and I can confirm that I no longer have any issues with playback when the screen goes to sleep.
    The feedback is that battery life is improved with the latest firmware and that is definitely the case for me I will have run it for hours commuting this week and I still have 72% charge left.
    I am very very happy thank you FiiO
  14. csglinux
    Good to hear! :beerchug:
  15. csglinux
    I was hoping this thread would be mostly redundant by now, with all major bugs worked out and everything running smoothly, but...

    The release of FW 3.3.1 caused some weird battery-level indication, and the quickly-released solution to that, FW 3.3.2, seems to have caused Tidal to become unusable :frowning2:
    So for now, I'm recommending staying on FW 3.3.0. If any of you went to 3.3.1 or 3.3.2, going back will require the use of the firmware upgrade tool:
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