Known bugs/issues with latest X7 firmware

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by csglinux, Oct 28, 2016.
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  1. csglinux

    Complete List of Known X7 3.3.5 Firmware Issues:

    1. Some international characters in track names still being displayed incorrectly. (8 votes)

    2. Slow file-transfer speed when using the internal memory. (5 votes)

    3. FiiO music app can freeze or exit abnormally. (4 votes)

    3. At the start of a new playback, the X7 skips roughly the first second of the track. (4 votes)

    4. Track time (and total track time) sometimes unreliable in FiiO music app. (3 votes)

    4. Unreliable search function in FiiO music app. (3 votes)

    5. Unreliable volume control in the FiiO music app via up/down swipe on the right of the screen. (Volume-control now seems to work more reliably, but HUD randomly fails to appear.) (2 votes)

    5. Bluetooth aptX not displaying in status bar. (2 votes)

    6. Bluetooth playback of DSD files fails and/or crashes FiiO music app. (2 votes)

    6. Pulsar light cannot be disabled while device is off and charging. (2 votes)

    6. Some cover art failing to load. (2 votes)

    7. ISO tracks cannot be added to media library - they can currently only be added to Playlists or Folders. (1 vote)

    7. Track titles containing special characters such as quotes cause the FiiO music app to crash. (1 vote)

    7. Intermittent failure of the auto-poweroff feature (both in Android and Pure Music mode). (1 vote)

    7. Some third party apps (e.g., Google Play music) can only download to the limited internal memory storage. (1 vote)

    7. When playing through folders, playback does not always continue with the subsequent (alphabetically-ordered) folder. (1 vote)

    7. Fleksy keyboard freezes. (1 vote)

    7. Bluetooth remote intermittently works only after second press. (1 vote)

    Greetings X7 users! This thread has been created with the blessing of FiiO in order to maintain a single list of known bugs/issues with the latest X7 firmware. As of now, the latest firmware is Android 5.1.1, FW 3.3.5. I will update this number and the list below as and when new firmware is released. The latest firmware can be downloaded from FiiO's website directly or (since FiiO's server can be extremely slow), the following mirror:

    If you have a problem with your X7, please check the list above before posting. There's a good chance others have already experienced the same issue and FiiO are already aware of it. If you don't see your issue listed below, feel free to add a post and I'll do my very best to confirm the issue and add it to the list. If you find your issue on the list and still want to vent, please post on this thread to vote on it!


    1) Please check that your suspected bug/issue isn't already listed. If it is, just post on this thread to vote on it. Please save general X7-related discussions for the main X7 thread.

    2) Thank you to all those of you that voted in the initial poll for the 3.0.4beta firmware. Unfortunately, the headfi poll feature turned out to be too inflexible, so I've now simply replaced it with the above list, with the results carried over from the initial poll. If anybody would like to vote on an item, just post in this thread or PM me and I'll manually tally the votes. Likewise, if you would like to vote for another item that you didn't initially vote for, or if you think you've encountered a new bug that isn't on the list, please post about it in this thread.

    3) The above list is currently restricted to issues with existing, advertised (or one-time advertised) functionality. Perhaps if there's enough interest we could create a separate list for feature requests...?
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  2. karloil
    please add:
    - Search function still not searching correctly and is sluggish - can't even find a "Maroon" keyword from my files.
    - Button Mapping still has that "annoying" 2 step menu levels
  3. harpo1
    Bluetooth aptx not displaying in status bar.  So I'm not sure if it's actually working.
    To the OP isn't there a way we can add additional choices to our vote?  
  4. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    I think at their current rate of progress, they're better off if they nix FiiO Music for now and recommend a free music app for everyone to download and use until they can get this sorted out. Maybe work with said free music app's developer to support hi-res DAC utilization on the X7 and call it a day. :xf_eek:
  5. csglinux

    Yes, just post here and I'll add it.
  6. harpo1
    What I meant is I voted and now I can't go back in and check additional choices.  Can we not go back in and change what we voted for?
  7. csglinux
    I see your problem. Let me look into this. This headfi poll feature might not be the best way to do this. It looks like it'll only let you vote once.
  8. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Well, for whatever reason, the bugzilla account that I stopped paying for is still usable

    Create an account with this bugzilla and log in to view, edit and add bugs on this platform. csglinux or whoever plays a big role in this, pm me and I'll elevate you to administrator of the Bugzilla.

    You'd have to generate reports from the bugzilla and pm FiiO actively with the reports, as I don't know if FiiO can even access this site :xf_eek:
  9. JHutchins
    My account is still active and I have entered a bug to test it. I see that you have put a notice at the top of the X7 page saying you are closing the account at the end of the month. In terms of using the tool unless FiiO are committed using it proactively and playing their part in a professional change management and version control process then we may be wasting our time in opening a further means of communication.
  10. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Oh. That notice was from months ago. That's what I mean when I said I've stopped paying for it ages ago yet it somehow works :|
  11. JaviAl
    My FW 3.0.4 Beta report:
    1. Scanning media library for the first time in my 1 TB. Kingston HyperX pendrive, tooks about 40 minutes and only scans 600 songs aprox. FW 2.0 tooks 5 minutes to scan more than 8.000 songs.
    2. Scanning media library for the second time in my 1 TB. Kingston HyperX pendrive, tooks about 1 hour and only scans 3.000 songs aprox. FW 2.0 tooks 5 minutes to scan more than 8.000 songs.
    3. Scanning media library for the third time in my 1 TB. Kingston HyperX pendrive, tooks about 1 hour and only scans about 6.500 songs aprox. FW 2.0 tooks 5 minutes to scan more than 8.000 songs.
    4. Some DSD64 files with no DST encoding, reproduces but no sound output.
    5. Swiftkey keyboard or any other different keyboard than the Android default not work on Pure Music Mode.
    6. Imposible to see long names and dark gray subtitles, some icons and others texts dificult to read:
    7. Changing the default icons orders on Fiio music main screen, return to default order when exits Fiio Music or restart the device. This also occurs in FW 2.0:
    8. Allow multiple genres, artists tag separated by semicolon.
    9. Interesting to see the number of track when searching by albums or artists.
    Returning to FW 2.0 again. 
  12. harpo1
    I'm beginning to believe the problem with the media scanning is not the number of files but the size of the sd card.  It will scan all songs on my 128 GB card with no problems.  My 200 GB card is a different story.  Doesn't matter how many songs I load on it media scan never scans all of them.
  13. csglinux
    I'm going to see what I can do to improve the voting process on the bugs/issues. I'd rather not have to manually tally votes from posts or rely on an outside server/website, however, the headfi polling features are pretty basic and don't allow enough flexibility for what I want to do. Hang tight...
    In the meantime, I've had a change to play with 3.0.4beta and it looks to me like the playback/pause instability issue seems to be fixed - at least each and every time I've hit play/pause on the FiiO music app, it has worked. (Hopefully nobody else is still having that problem?)  However, one new issue I've noted in 3.0.4 is the very long time the FiiO music app takes to scan for media. It can literally sit there for 10 minutes before you even see any signs of life. It does work eventually, but it takes a very, very long time to even get started. I'd imagine many people would long since have given up.. I'm aware that some folks with larger numbers of files are simply not able to get their entire set of files scanned.
    There are a couple of issue I'm aware of that I'd classify more in terms of poor UI design, or a feature that could be improved. I've deliberately not added those (yet).
    Anybody else having problems with the song search function? It actually seems to be working ok for me, although it's case sensitive and any existing text in the search bar (which must obviously be deleted before adding a new search word/phrase) is almost invisible because of the choice of font color.
  14. peter1480
    A SanDisk microSDXC IHS-I 200gb scaned for music in 11.30 mins after a 2 min pause before staring all music found 2557 tracks in FLAC, DSD and PCM abot 10 mb spare scace on that card. [​IMG] 
  15. karloil
    Auto shutdown suddenly stopped working. I set it to Shutdown after 10mins of no activity, it's not doing it. Was using FiiO Music app in Pure Music mode and music was on Pause.
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